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The IBS blog is dedicated to sharing experiences and information on travel, business education, culture, study abroad, and more! Through the IBS Study Abroad Blog, you can find information on how to highlight your study abroad experience on your resume, top packing tips, and other information relating to planning a trip abroad or after returning home. The IBS Digital Ambassadors Blog shares experiences and advice written by our IBS Alumni. We encourage you to engage with our alumni as they are happy to share their experiences with you!

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Learning Through Firsthand Experience

During the seminar, we had the opportunity to visit different companies from various industries. We were able to hear directly from top executives of the global companies we visited. From their presentations, I was able to learn in a real-life setting as opposed to a traditional classroom setting which made Read More

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My Favorite Company Visit

Attending an International Business Seminar program is an unforgettable experience. They provide you with a trip like none other. Through their program, you are able to stay in 4-star hotels, visit a handful of countries and cities in one trip, make new friends, and connect professionally with other businessmen and Read More

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Prosperity in Southeast Asia

I had no idea what was in store for me but I did have a couple of goals when I signed up for the Winter Southeast Asia International Business Seminar. Some of these goals were to make a few good friends, to learn more about how businesses abroad operate, and Read More

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Don’t Stress, IBS has your back!

I first heard of International Business Seminars from a friend of a friend. Before then, I had hoped to travel abroad through my university. A mix up with my study abroad office left me out of luck after all the application dates had already passed. I took the next week Read More

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My Goals For Studying Abroad

I knew when going into this seminar I was going to have a life-changing experience. Especially because it was going to be the first time I would be traveling to a different country all by myself. For some reason, I felt more nervous than scared knowing that I would be Read More

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Places to See – Places to Eat

Make a list of what you want to try! While traveling abroad, it is important that you do some research on what types of foods you will encounter along the way. Before you reach each country make sure you google what dishes are popular and find some things you want Read More

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Why I Enjoyed London Over Paris

My Winter Two seminar included an eleven-day trip to both London and Paris. My experience as a whole was amazing and I wish it would have lasted longer. Although my time in both cities was great, I think my favorite of the two was London. What made London stand out Read More

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When the Travel Bug Bites

learning first hand I had just returned home from my first time studying abroad when the travel bug hit me. I started searching through my school’s global engagement website to find another great opportunity. When I found International Business Seminars and began to make the first steps, I had no Read More

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How to Spend Your Free Day in Bangkok, Thailand

Best Day Ever! How should your free day in Bangkok be spent? Two words: Elephants World. At first, it was hard not to cringe at the thought of wasting 6 hours of our only free day on a coach bus headed to Kanchanaburi, Thailand. However, having experienced what I did Read More

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My Favorite Company Visits in London & Paris

The educational part of the International Business Seminars (IBS) study-abroad program took place at different companies in Paris and London. I was very excited to learn more about some of the business practices I learned in class. I was impressed that IBS was able to schedule meetings with some of Read More

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Living Out My Dreams in London & Paris

Paris One of the top destinations that I have always wanted to visit was Paris because of the Eiffel Tower. I was eager to see and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower for the first time! On the first day, we were able to take a tour of Read More

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How I Grew Personally & Professionally in SE Asia

Before I ventured off and took my first steps towards becoming a college student, I read a journal on how to survive my college years. Referenced inside, was a quote by Albert Einstein that read “the only source of knowledge is experience.” Ever since that day in late August of Read More

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