Feeling Welcome in Southeast Asia

Initial Fears One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself when deciding to study abroad would be: “Is traveling to a different country meant for me?” Seeing the world is something I’ve always want to do but I have been too scared to go alone and also feared Read More

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Different Ways of Life

Thanks to IBS I got to visit a lot of interesting companies in each of the six different countries we traveled to. Although there were plenty of other great company visits, I’m going to discuss in-depth about the BMW plant, Innsbruck Tourism Board, and the Cantina Valpantena Winery. Each of Read More

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What Is Business Culture & Social Etiquette Like in Thailand?

Studying abroad in Thailand teaches you to look at exotic cultures with a different perspective. Thailand business culture, Thai food, and local entertainment are all totally different from what you’re probably used to. But with a few helpful tips, you’ve got nothing to worry about when visiting Thailand. What To Read More

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Thanksgiving Traditions From Around The World

When it comes to Thanksgiving, American tradition is shaped by food, football, and family. This holiday is on the fourth Thursday of November and is centered around delicious and festive food. Whether it’s pumpkin pie, bread stuffing, or roasted turkey, Americans put great emphasis on a Thanksgiving meal. Although Thanksgiving is Read More

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Friendships, Food, and Foreign Cultures

Think of your typical Friday night. You and your friends decide to eat out, maybe you choose Mexican this weekend (let’s be honest I choose Mexican every weekend). You sit down to gossip or just goof off after a long week of tests and never-ending assignments. When is graduation again? Read More

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Life After Studying Abroad

I would have never thought that after being alone in a foreign country, and experiencing life there that my heart would have opened up to wanting to live and work internationally. If I had not gone to Europe, I would still be the same girl that was afraid to take Read More

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Vietnam: Not Just a War

When planning for the Winter SE Asia seminar, I was more excited for Thailand than Vietnam. In fact, I had very few expectations for what Vietnam would be like or what to expect. So when I got to Vietnam, I was quickly swept away by the hundreds (if not thousands) Read More

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