Museum Hopping on My Seminar in Europe

I want to talk about the kind of experiences I had in my free time and what amazing experiences people can have along with the business trips. Of course, my experience can differ from many others because these are the activities that I like to do and the types of Read More

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Budgeting for Your IBS Abroad Trip

It can be hard to decide if studying abroad is worth the time and money. Especially considering the limited resources most college students have. After returning from my Winter Europe MBA seminar, I can confidently say this is one opportunity that you can’t miss out on. My IBS experience has Read More

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Transportation Methods in Paris

I had never been to France before, so I was excited to visit Paris during my Winter Europe seminar. It was everything I expected it to be and beyond. I learned that the Eiffel Tower twinkles at the top of every hour for the first five minutes during the night Read More

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A Program Worth The Money

Studying Abroad on a Budget To achieve my goal of studying abroad, I had to find an option that accommodated my need for a shorter and financially attainable program. International Business Seminars was able to meet both of these needs. These seminars are brief experiences abroad in which you, as Read More

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This Trip Helped Me Evolve As A Traveler

For most of my time growing up, traveling meant pretty much going to one place, and that was driving to Florida every couple years or so. These were trips that, looking back, I did cherish as they were the last trips our family did being all together for an entire Read More

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Funding My Program with Loans

I funded my program by using refund checks from my student loans, having yard sales, grading papers for my French professor, dog sitting, and more. Also, I searched around my house for Euros leftover from my previous trips to France. Each year, I get up to $20,500 in student loans Read More

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Thailand: The Land of 1000 Smiles

I have always wanted to visit Thailand since I could remember. I love Thai food, the artwork, and the architecture so Thailand was always a place I dreamt about traveling to. When I found out about the Southeast Asia trip through IBS, I immediately filled out an application to go. Read More

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Thankful For My Study Abroad Experience

Learned Helplessness I could contribute my avoidance of any and all study abroad plans to a sense of learned helplessness. Although I knew I would love to experience studying abroad, I felt powerless when it came to making that dream a reality. I felt powerless because of my huge list Read More

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Study Abroad Scholarships

When someone starts talking about study abroad, I believe most people already start to imagine themselves in other countries exploring new cultures and meeting new people. They think about how amazing of an experience study abroad would be. Then almost immediately reality slaps them upside the head and they worry Read More

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