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International Business Seminars is not a credit granting institution. IBS is a separate entity that organizes travel, hotel arrangements, and other details of the seminars.

Students are advised to check with their sponsoring faculty member or academic advisor at their home institution to ensure that credit for the courses can be used towards their degree.

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IBS courses are open to university students in good standing from an accredited university as well as business/professional people. Students may earn 3 semester units of credit.

To earn 3 semester units of credit, students must meet the following general requirements:

  • Read the materials provided by IBS on each of the countries to be visited, their economies, their policies, the organizations to be visited, and traveling tips.
  • Attend all scheduled sessions with the host organizations and with the faculty.
  • Actively participate in all sessions; i.e., students must be attentive, ask thoughtful questions and be courteous.
  • Write a final report about the Seminar. The final report will consist of two parts:
    • The first part will be a journal of the seminar program and should contain data on each seminar visit.
    • The second part of the report will require research prior to the trip. Each student will be assigned an organization that will be visited during the seminar. It is the responsibility of the student to become an expert on that organization.

Appropriate attire for the formal seminar sessions is an important factor and should be observed at all times. Most of the sessions will be presented by high-ranking corporate officials, and we recommend that you dress as though you were going for a job interview with these executives. We strive to show them that we are serious about the seminar program and appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

The paper is due 60 days after the end of the Seminar. For the Winter seminars, this means a March 15th deadline. For most Summer seminars, this means an August 15th deadline. Deadlines may change depending on your university’s deadlines.