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“I can admit that when I left the U.S. for this seminar I was very smart, independent and capable, but also shy, insecure, and doubtful of my abilities, which has oftentimes prevented me from taking chances or stepping outside of my comfort zone. Even making the decision to attend this seminar was difficult for me because I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t know any of the other students who would also be attending. I was truly traveling alone for the first time in my life. It sounds like a cliché, but I would be doing myself and the International Business Seminars (IBS) program a disservice if I didn’t divulge that as the seminar came to an end, I felt transformed, confident, and empowered to take on new challenges. That’s a feeling I’ve been chasing throughout my entire academic and professional career, and now that I have it, I know that I can always rely on it for my future endeavors.”

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“Experiencing another culture, speaking another language, and admiring varieties of never-before-seen architecture and landscapes were extraordinary. In addition, pushing myself out of my comfort zone allowed for the trip to be unforgettable as well. Never would I have ever imagined that I would eat a whole octopus grilled and served on a plate with pureed sweet potatoes, but through this experience, I was able to push my boundaries and experience growth personally. I am forever grateful for this opportunity that has granted me a life-long set of memories, friends, lessons, and personal achievements. ”

– Louisiana State University, Winter Europe 2022 alumni

“I have taken away a new view on the world and the multitude of ideas and possibilities that exist within it. A great many opportunities now lie before me in what I can choose to do with my next four years of college and beyond into my career. While I may not become a business person, I do not doubt that many of the strategies, contacts and much of the knowledge that I accumulated through this experience will serve to aid me in my future professional endeavors as well as my understanding of the fundamental systems that drive international business and, therefore, the world”

– University of Mississippi, Winter Europe 2022 alumni

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“I knew that the opportunity to travel to Europe for the International Business Seminar (IBS) program was a once in a lifetime experience that I knew I couldn’t miss. Although I had been to Paris and London once before, coming back and experiencing the two cities with a mind for business prompted an entirely new experience altogether. Through nine presentations from various European companies and speakers, I felt that I developed new perspectives on global business and international affairs. Even more so, the lessons I encountered beyond the classroom provided an even greater insight into my understanding of the world as we know it— everything from interactions with locals to observed cultural differences, to conversing with the different students I traveled with from across the country— all served to elevate and enhance the sense of wisdom I took back with me to the United States.”

– California State University, Fullerton, Winter MBA Europe 2018 alumni

“The IBS Program was a life-changing experience. After undergoing this trip, I feel comfortable to travel anywhere in the world and can lead others who have not traveled internationally before. The interaction with the upper management of these large corporations in a globalized setting has prepared me to be able to do business outside of the US when I graduate. Although I am currently working towards a specialized marketing degree, being exposed to every part of a business from financial numbers to day to day operations was very eye-opening.”

– University of Alabama, Winter MBA Europe 2018 alumni

“Words can simply not describe how incredible of an opportunity this trip was. It was worth every sacrifice, every penny, and every moment of my time to go.”

– Northern Illinois University, Winter MBA 2017 Alumni

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“I met so many people, made several new friends, explored new places, and even got to see the inner workings of some pretty interesting business-related areas of a few companies! I can’t be more thankful for my time with International Business Seminars and I am sure I will be back!”

– University of Alabama, Winter Southeast Asia 2020 alumni

“I gained a whole new perspective on different country cultures. It was absolutely worthwhile to be able to witness the different traditions and mannerisms.”

– California Lutheran University, Winter Southeast Asia 2020 alumni

“I hadn’t ever been out of the US before, so I gained several foreign perspectives in rapid succession. It was absolutely worthwhile!​”

– Louisiana State University, Winter Southeast Asia 2020 alumni

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“IBS offers a great opportunity to go abroad without spending the time and money required for a full semester. I had never left the country before my trip, and it was definitely helpful to be guided for that experience. Though we were not in any one place for very long, I got a taste of each of the six countries we visited, and I now plan on returning someday.

Another interesting aspect of this trip is that it was not a conventional study abroad trip. I was not in a classroom at any point while I was overseas. Instead, we visited various companies everywhere we went, and we learned about how businesses are run in each of the places we went. This offered us insight into foreign perspectives that we may very well come across in the professional world.”

– Northern Illinois University, Summer Europe 2022 Alumni

“Because of my participation in the Summer Europe Seminar, I am a more well-rounded individual and have developed many personal, academic, and professional skills. I am very appreciative of International Business Seminars and the faculty leaders and students that supported me every step of the way. This trip was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

– Louisiana State University, Summer Europe 2022 Alumni

“I found all of the businesses we visited to be so influential and informative, and each one provided different perspectives and lessons that I could have only learned if I was put into these positions. In my free time I hung out with amazing people that I still talk to on a daily basis. There is even talk of me going to one of my friends’ weddings this September, and I have only known him from this trip. I experienced hiking, clubbing, biking, eating, and even paragliding with this group of people. Every night we shared together we were getting more and more immersed into these cities, and I found that I was falling in love with every city for each of their own reasons.”

– California Lutheran University, Summer Europe 2022 Alumni

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“My excitement for the trip was mostly for an architectural experience. Little did I know that the 10 days in München and Praha would make memories that will be with me forever. I am very thankful for IBS for putting together the trip. Their guides and the accompanying professor were very knowledgeable about the cities. They made suggestions on places to eat and were readily available for any questions that I had. “

 – Northern Illinois University, Summer MBA 2018 Alumni

“The impact of my trip would not be complete if it were not for the people I was fortunate enough to travel with. There were 18 in all, and many from different parts of the U.S.  It is not always easy to travel with strangers, but the people I met and explored with are now good friends of mine. It was in large part to them that the trip was such a success and had such a positive impact on me.”

– Northern Illinois University, Summer MBA 2018 Alumni

“The study abroad trip to Europe was an important period in my life.  It gave me exposure to experiences and personal development.  It had a deep effect on me since I was able to meet people and businesses from different cultures with different perspectives and practices.  In terms of self-development, it deepened my passion for languages and networking with other NIU students.  We had a great team altogether from students to IBS and NIU staff.  It was a positive experience that I will never forget.  I work for a global company that has recently started sending our back office accounting activities to Budapest which is in the heart of Europe.  I have been open to work from that office so having gone to Europe this summer has broadened by horizon to know what to expect and not hesitate to go there for an assignment in the future.” 

– Northern Illinois University, Summer MBA 2018 Alumni

“I do not believe I would have gained such an excellent business understanding had I have gone on this trip by myself or through another organization. The trip not only allowed me to have firsthand experience with cultural differences but enabled us to interact with businesses dealing with these differences every day.  I look forward to using the knowledge I have gained for years to come.”

– Louisiana Tech University, Summer MBA 2018 Alumni

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