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“I can admit that when I left the U.S. for this seminar I was very smart, independent and capable, but also shy, insecure, and doubtful of my abilities, which has oftentimes prevented me from taking chances or stepping outside of my comfort zone. Even making the decision to attend this seminar was difficult for me because I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t know any of the other students who would also be attending. I was truly traveling alone for the first time in my life. It sounds like a cliché, but I would be doing myself and the International Business Seminars (IBS) program a disservice if I didn’t divulge that as the seminar came to an end, I felt transformed, confident, and empowered to take on new challenges. That’s a feeling I’ve been chasing throughout my entire academic and professional career, and now that I have it, I know that I can always rely on it for my future endeavors.”

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“The International Business Seminar trip has proved to be one of the best decisions I have made in college thus far. In the beginning, I was uncertain and anxious about traveling abroad with a group of strangers. Two and a half weeks later, I had traveled through 5 countries across Europe, made incredible memories, and gained some amazing lifelong friends. The Winter One International Business Seminar is described as an opportunity “for students to use their experience and research to determine trends, threats, problems, issues, and implications for businesses while developing global competency” according to the IBS tours website. Based on firsthand experience, I can attest to the fact that the trip helped to enhance our problem solving skills, global competence, and knowledge about European cultures.”

– Louisiana State University, Winter One 2018 alumni

“I am so glad that I was able to study abroad with the IBS team. This was an eye-opening experience and I am so happy that I learned so much about the international business side of the world. I also loved all of the different cultures I was able to experience in just two short weeks. I am now very interested in specializing in international business to add to my marketing degree here at The University of Alabama and I am excited to see what that all has in store for me!”

– Murray State University, Winter One 2018 alumni

“Winter One with International Business Seminars was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had, I met some great people and created amazing memories that I will never forget. I am so happy I decided to take part in this program and I am grateful for the experiences that I had while abroad. Going into this program I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had only heard things from my friends that had attended the seminars in the past. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join this program and be a part of something that I will remember forever. IBS provided me with once in a lifetime opportunities to visit and tour companies that I never would’ve thought of and meet with executives that you wouldn’t typically get the chance to meet when just visiting for leisure. I will definitely recommend this seminar to anyone that is interested in it. I didn’t know this seminar would lead to such amazing experiences and many new friendships along the way, so thank you IBS for a truly memorable experience.”

– California Lutheran University, Winter One 2018 alumni

“All in all I would not have changed one thing about this entire experience. The amount of useful information that I learned in 15 days that I know I will use from this point on in the rest of my life, I would say, was more than I learn from an entire semester of regular university classes. Along with the lifelong friendships that I know I have made on the trip, IBS Winter One was one of the greatest experiences I have had in my life. It met and exceeded all of my expectations and gave me a cultured view of Europe that has supplied me tools I will need and be able to utilize in the next stage of my life, graduating and discovering the world outside of school. ”

– Ashland University, Winter One 2017 alumni

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“There is something to be said for the personal growth gained through this experience. I cannot effectively put words to what I have taken away from this journey. Not only was this an educational experience catering to international business, it was also an opportunity to immerse our ways of thinking into totally unfamiliar territory. I met people along the way that have forever changed my views of the world, and I reunited with friends that will never know the influence they have had on my life. In only ten days, twenty-six years of life as I knew it had changed. I am a different person for the better. Arriving as forty individuals, traveling as a network and departing as a family, this journey has been deemed a success.”

– Louisiana State University, Winter Two 2018 alumni

“It was my dream to visit Europe, but I never thought I would be ever able to go to any European country, as I’m not US citizen and it will be hard for me to get visa. This winter my dream became reality because of the International Business Seminar (IBS) Winter Two program. The Winter Two program provided me with the wonderful opportunity of visiting two countries, the United Kingdom (UK) and France. This study abroad program not only provided the business perspective of two countries, but it also offered an enormous amount of valuable cultural experience which I will remember for rest of my life. The business perspective of this program included visits to different companies, which were not limited to just business discussions and gave me insight to observe many other aspects of the business world. I’m still in disbelief that within two weeks I was able to visit some of the world’s most famous tourist places, explore new cultures, travel on my own, and most importantly it evolved me both as a person and student.”

– Northern Illinois University, Winter Two 2018 alumni

“The Winter Two Seminar I attended was a truly enriching and enlightening experience. Being able to experience new cultures and get insight into the international business world first-hand is something that would benefit anyone in their career, schooling, or everyday life. I can already see how I will be able to use these experiences and information in my future. This IBS program is an incredible way for students to get experience in the business world in a setting that is more comfortable and safe, but not so structured that you are not able to do things on your own and create memories that you prefer. The Winter Two Seminar was ideal for me because it gave me the structure that I needed to have experiences, but it also gave me all the resources I needed in order to go and find things to do on my own as well. The program really gives you the opportunity to have your own experiences and really make the trip your own and I would definitely recommend it to anyone asking about it in the future.”

– Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Winter Two 2018 alumni

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“I knew that the opportunity to travel to Europe for the International Business Seminar (IBS) program was a once in a lifetime experience that I knew I couldn’t miss. Although I had been to Paris and London once before, coming back and experiencing the two cities with a mind for business prompted an entirely new experience altogether. Through nine presentations from various European companies and speakers, I felt that I developed new perspectives on global business and international affairs. Even more so, the lessons I encountered beyond the classroom provided an even greater insight into my understanding of the world as we know it— everything from interactions with locals, to observed cultural differences, to conversing with the different students I traveled with from across the country— all served to elevate and enhance the sense of wisdom I took back with me to the United States.”

– California State University, Fullerton, Winter MBA Europe 2018 alumni

“The IBS Program was a life changing experience. After undergoing this trip, I feel comfortable to travel anywhere in the world, and can lead others who have not traveled internationally before. The interaction with the upper management of these large corporations in a globalized setting has prepared me to be able to do business outside of the US when I graduate. Although I am currently working towards a specialized marketing degree, being exposed to every part of a business from financial numbers to day to day operations was very eye opening.”

– University of Alabama, Winter MBA Europe 2018 alumni

“Words can simply not describe how incredible of an opportunity this trip was. It was worth every sacrifice, every penny, and every moment of my time to go.”

– Northern Illinois University, Winter MBA 2017 Alumni

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“When I boarded the plane to travel to Southeast Asia on New Year’s Day I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea how much I would come to value the people I met, businesses I visited, food I ate, and lessons I learned. My biases were challenged, and I felt that I truly grew as a person. By going a world away, I had come back with worlds of wisdom”

– Northern Illinois University, Winter Southeast Asia 2018 alumni

“When you look up study abroad programs, they often advertise benefits including meeting and experiencing new people, customs, ideas and perspectives as well as seeing new places and traveling in a foreign place. During this 13 day trip, all those things happened and more. I made new friends and gleaned a lot of valuable life lessons and perspectives from them during the industry visits as well as the cultural visits and during our free time in between.”

– California State University, Fullerton, Winter Southeast Asia 2018 alumni

“‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page’ -Saint Augustine. As our group read this quote on an elevator wall on our way to a Skybar in Vietnam, we could not help but to admire the phrase as it spoke to all of us on so many levels. We all agreed that our experience abroad with International Business Seminars had changed our lives for the better. I have been wanting to study abroad for as long as I can remember. I had the opportunity when I was younger but I did not take advantage of it due to lack of support and being too young to push for it myself. I always regretting not going so when I heard about the International Business Seminars programs and realized that it was possible for me; I knew I had to do everything in my power to attend. A chance to travel, college credit, a spot on my resume; the opportunity seemed too good to be true. I worked hard to be able to attend 2018 Winter Southeast Asia and it was worth all of it. I came back to America with more knowledge than I could have imagined, new motivations, and a whole new network of friends.”

– Louisiana State University, Winter Southeast Asia 2018 alumni

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I figured we’d go to a few throughout the trip and sit through boring, redundant slideshows. I’m happy to say that this assumption was wrong, and the business visits were some of my favorite highlights throughout the entire program. Each company gave us a warm welcome, and truly seemed to enjoy sharing their company with us. This study abroad experience is so much different than any that my friends have been on in the past, and I feel that I’ve really grown as a student, as a future employer, and as a human being thanks to this program.

– Murray State University, Summer Europe 2017 Alumni

“IBS Summer Europe 2015; it was a trip of a lifetime. This adventure was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I always knew I wanted to study abroad but wasn’t sure what type of program would be right for me. I decided to explore a study abroad fair at the school that I attend, North Dakota State University, to see what my options were. I met Jia Xie from IBS and he told me all about their seminars. While I am not a business major, the amount of time and countries visited sounded perfect for me.”

– North Dakota State University, Summer Europe 2017 Alumni

“Making the decision to finish my degree with the IBS Summer Europe student program was one of the best I could have made for my education. Not only did I supplement the remainder of my degree with an array of international experience, networking, and valuable education, but I fostered relationships that will last a lifetime.  I look forward to using this experience throughout my career in order to better understand, serve, and assist the business community to the best of my ability.”

– University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Summer Europe 2017 Alumni

“All in all, the IBS Summer Europe 2015 trip opened my eyes to the rest of the world. I learned how Europeans do business and how they live life. I learned what they did different than Americans and what they do the exact same. I now truly understand the importance of studying abroad, and will advise any able person to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”

– University of Mississippi, Summer Europe 2017 Alumni

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“The trip to China was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  We all got to eat different foods, meet new people, try new things, and also learn how business works in a completely different environment.  The most enjoyable part for me was learning about the different businesses and what makes them tick.  What surprised me most was the innovation process that most all of the companies had to go through to make a profit and to be successful in China.  Almost every company we visited stressed the importance of innovation and how your company must adapt to the Chinese market and gain the respect of the people or you will not succeed.”

– University of Mississippi, Summer China 2017 Alumni

“China taught me two very important things that I will cherish forever in my future life.  Number one is that the world is very similar when comparing and contrasting China to the United States and no one should be treated differently for we are all apart of one giant earth that has multiple different playgrounds. Secondly, being in China without the ability to communicate has presented a goal setting moment for me.  That goal is that I will begin learning a foreign language as soon as I am done studying for my CPA exams this summer.”

– Kansas State University, Summer China 2017 Alumni

“Ever since I got back from the seminar, my business mind has opened and expanded measurably. On my college campus, I have been extremely entrepreneurial. In fact, myself and two others who went on the seminar with me started up the first professional business fraternity ever to exist on CLU’s campus. We are projecting to have at least 40 pledges rush the fraternity. I have also worked on developing a website for my dad’s real estate development business, reinforced my resume and LinkedIn profile, and taken up an apprenticeship with one of the most prominent real estate agents in Los Angeles. I can honestly say that if I did not attend this trip, I don’t think that I would be as ambitious as I am right now. Summer China awoke a sleeping dragon that was dormant in my brain.”

– California Lutheran University, Summer China 2017 Alumni

“Without a doubt traveling across the world to China to learn international business has been one of the best experiences of my life. Learning foreign culture in my mind is essential with the multicultural dynamic that intertwines in our nation. In order to develop the best relationship in a business negotiation and to have the best success rate with someone who is from a foreign nation, it is essential to understand what culture and mindset that individual comes from in order to have the best success rate. Based off the wide range of business seminars my colleagues and I ventured upon, I now feel I have a strong advantage over another student in my realm of expertise, and am confident that landing future job positions will be easier. International Business Seminars provided me the opportunity to push my intelligence further outside the classroom, and learn far more in a short time span upon international business than I expected. The contrast between cultural tours and business seminars was divided up sufficiently.”

– California Lutheran University, Summer China 2017 Alumni

“I would recommend China to anyone, especially someone looking to step outside of their comfort zone and experience a truly different way of life. I couldn’t be happier that I decided to go, and signing up by myself made it all the more exciting. The company visits on the trip is what ultimately tipped the experience from good to great. It’s hard to have a great time when you don’t enjoy the people around you. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to travel half way around the world with. We all connected on a certain level and encouraged each other to try new things. Being surrounded by such optimistic attitudes and intelligent minds challenged me to absorb as much as I possibly could. I have made such positive, lasting memories that I will look back on and appreciate for the rest of my life. What a great way to see the world and make lifelong friends in the process!”

– Louisiana State University, Summer China 2017 Alumni

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“Looking back on the program now that it is completed, I can say that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Getting to know other students from around the country and asking questions first hand to people that work at the companies we visited, truly broadened my knowledge. This was a profoundly enriching experience that will not only impact me in the friendships I have made, but also the unending urge to return to these same locations to show my family these wonderful places. Additionally, I have a new perspective on how Germans and Austrians go to business.”

 – Northern Illinois University, Summer MBA 2017 Alumni

“Overall I’m very glad that I took this trip. I was able to learn a lot about myself since I came into this trip not really knowing anyone else. I was able to expand my network and make some really great friends on the trip. I’ve been able to gain a better understanding of how businesses are ran in international companies and got to learn about some things that were foreign to me. I really enjoyed a majority of the company visits and was able to learn something new through the visit or gain a better understanding of how something can be done with different resources.”

– Northern Illinois University, Summer MBA 2016 Alumni

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