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IBS Alumni Ambassador Program

What is the Alumni Ambassador program?

The Alumni Ambassador Program is an opportunity for a professional internship designed specifically for IBS alumni who are passionate about their study abroad experience. While our ambassadors share their personal study abroad experience, they will further develop their communication, networking, interpersonal, and public speaking skills.

Who can apply?

All IBS alumni are eligible for the Alumni Ambassador internship.

What is the role of an Alumni Ambassador?

You will work with your sponsoring faculty and IBS staff to help promote and spread the word about IBS programs. This position involves your creativity and passion for sharing your study abroad experience. As an Ambassador, some of the duties you’ll perform may include:

  1. Sharing your experience at events on campus, in group settings, and one-on-one with other students.
  2. Active participation and interaction with IBS social media accounts.
  3. Networking and connecting with other students and faculty on campus that you think would be interested in learning about IBS programs.
  4. Guest speaking in classes, orientation and info sessions, Greek Life events, and other opportunities that you see fit.
  5. Communicating with IBS staff to provide feedback and develop more ideas on how you can promote IBS programs on campus.

What are the benefits of becoming an Alumni Ambassador?

In addition to developing your communication, networking, writing, interpersonal, and public speaking skills, you will also be able to highlight this internship on your resume. With successful completion of the IBS Alumni Ambassador Program, students can receive the following:

  • Letter of recommendation for future educational or career opportunities.
  • Have IBS as a professional reference during an application or interview process.
  • One-on-one mentor session with IBS staff to learn how to highlight your IBS seminar and internship on your resume and during an interview.
  • Mock interview opportunity to practice speaking about the skills you’ve developed.
  • Eligibility for an additional scholarship towards another IBS program.

This program provides a platform for you to discuss the benefits, challenges, and experiences of studying abroad with IBS. You will be able to mentor students during their study abroad process and give future students a better idea of what to expect on their own journey with IBS.

What is the time commitment for an Alumni Ambassador?

Your time commitment will be flexible. Our internships generally range from 10-20 hours per semester and allow you to choose how many hours a week (or a month) you would like to work. The minimum requirements include submitting online program reviews, giving four presentations on campus, and helping with at least one IBS event on campus.

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