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Scholarship Information

Finding money to study abroad

Many academic institutions are emphasizing the development of international experience and a global mindset within their student bases. In order to encourage this, many institutions offer scholarships specifically for studying abroad that their students can take advantage of.

Aside from the scholarships offered by your academic institution, there are general international scholarships offered by several foundations and organizations. A seminar abroad with IBS is an investment in your education and professional career and it’s important to start thinking about your financial planning strategy early.

In addition to scholarships, we recommend financial planning or other ways to fund your study abroad program:

  • Payment plans through IBS. Learn more about IBS financial planning
  • Financial aid – ask your Financial Aid Office on campus to understand all your options
  • Crowdfunding
    • FundMy Travel or GoFundMe
  • Donations from local communities such as, religious, social, or professional groups
  • Support or private loans from local banks
  • Fundraising such as car washes, tutoring, etc.
  • Smartphone apps like Scholarship Grab or Scholly can help you earn scholarships