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About Us

International Business Seminars (IBS) organizes short-term, faculty-led, multi-destination study abroad programs that are designed as ‘your first business trip abroad’ experience. IBS programs provide an opportunity for students to:

  • Network with business executives from global companies in a variety of industries.
  • Experience some of the world’s most well-known attractions and destinations.
  • Earn university credit while gaining a competitive advantage for their career.

What Makes IBS Different?

We take studying abroad a step further, bridging the gap between the classroom and real-life business experiences.

  • IBS programs are designed as ‘your first business trip abroad’ experience.
  • Meet and network with business executives from multi-national organizations.
  • Visit and learn from global companies such as BMW, Coca-Cola, AT&T, and more.
  • Stay at 4-star hotels that companies would send their employees on a business trip.
  • Experience the culture of each country visited with sightseeing and cuisine.

Our Mission

The purpose of the International Business Seminars (IBS) program is to expose participants to the business environment and practices outside of the United States while providing insight into the cultural, social, and political environments of each country visited.

The goal is for participants to use their research and experience to determine trends, threats, problems, issues, and implications for businesses while developing global competency.

History & Founder

IBS Founder, Dr. Daniel C. Brenenstuhl

Daniel C. Brenenstuhl, Professor Emeritus at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, is the founder and primary force behind the International Business Seminars programs. While Dan was at Indiana University pursuing his DBA, he developed the idea of having an international seminar where students could be immersed into the international environment and meet with business leaders to learn about global business practices.

The first seminar program was planned in 1976 and offered in the summer of 1977. At the time there were no similar programs; and even today, there are very few such programs available. Since then, IBS has organized over 650 seminars throughout the world with over 33,000 alumni who have participated in a program over the years.

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