International Business Seminars

International Business Seminars - Hosting Our Students

Hosting Our Students

Since 1977, International Business Seminars has provided over 33,000 students with the opportunity to experience their “first business trip” abroad! Working directly with American universities and business schools, we provide undergraduate, MBA, and Executive MBA students the opportunity to meet and network with business executives from global companies in a variety of industries! From large multinational companies like BMW, Coca-Cola, and AT&T to small to medium size enterprises, together we bridge the gap between classroom and practice, all whilst helping our students gain cultural understanding and global insights.

We hope you join us on this exciting journey – we’d love to work together and inspire the future business leaders of tomorrow!

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How can you participate in a host visit?

  • Companies from across the world participate by hosting our students for a short visit.
  • Visits are normally 60 to 90 minutes and can include a company introduction from management, a Q&A session or panel discussion, and a short company tour.
  • Examples of content include discussions on the company’s product and services, market and industry trends, manufacturing or service methods, accounting practices, the issues your firm faces, and business practices in the region.
  • Faculty leaders accompany the students to help facilitate discussion and reflection.

What are the benefits of participating in a host visit?

  • Inspire Future Business Leaders: You offer future business leaders the opportunity to learn much more than what is offered in a traditional classroom. These visits are extremely impactful and help students determine their future. You inspire students to become future sergeants of industry.
  • Positive Public Relations: By hosting our students, you help promote global education and professional development. Your company is welcome to take pictures of the visit and use them for websites, news articles, and/or annual report material.
  • Establish Business Relationships: Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. By hosting, you can discover new talent for your company or industry, which can lead to future business opportunities!
  • Consulting Services: If interested, our students can conduct industry or market research on your behalf and provide a free consulting report!
  • Pitch Business: We provide an audience to pitch new business ideas or ventures! Our students are a captive audience who can help you refine venture concepts and better understand global investors and markets.

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