My First Time Traveling Out of the Country

Growing up, I never traveled outside of the United States, so I knew when I started college studying abroad was definitely an experience that I wanted to have; however, being that I am graduating early, a full semester was not an option for me. This led to a hunt for Read More

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My First International Business Experience

Before going on the trip to Thailand and Vietnam, I had no idea what the seminars would be like. I expected that we would be given presentations from Thai natives with a strong language barrier. I figured that the business seminars would also be extremely formal and highly structured. To Read More

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How to Construct Your Most Beneficial Financial Strategy

The hardest part of the International Business Seminar program is waiting for your trip to start. And then, for me at least, it was gathering the funds to actually attend the trip. As soon as I decided to take part in this trip, I began brainstorming my financial strategy. I Read More

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My Executive Experience Abroad in London

Hello, my name is Coriandra and I attended the Winter MBA 2020 seminar and traveled to London and Paris. The companies I enjoyed learning about the most were the companies in London. The companies in London that we visited were Royal London Asset Management, Hermitage Capital Management at the Mary Read More

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Why IBS is the Best Study Abroad Program

International Business Seminars is the best study abroad programs. They make it so easy to plan a trip that fits your needs. IBS takes all of the stress out of traveling across the world, by booking flights, reserving hotels, and planning travel between countries. Accommodations Most study abroad programs require Read More

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Funding Your IBS Program and Why it is Well Worth the Money

Studying abroad has always been something that I have been interested in. I love to travel, and I think by earning college credit your adventure abroad is a much more valuable experience. However, the only downside to studying abroad is that there are so many options. I mean pages and Read More

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How Studying Abroad Helped Me In My Career

While in college, I discovered a class that allowed me to travel abroad without leaving for an entire semester. As a travel lover, but also someone who relied on full-time work while in school, the Summer China trip seemed like an amazing opportunity to study abroad and experience a new Read More

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Meeting New People

Meeting New People When I signed up for the Winter Southeast Asia Seminar 2020 I didn’t know anybody else who had signed up for it, even though I was one of six students who were attending from my college. We all had a pre-departure meeting where we exchanged numbers so Read More

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When the Travel Bug Bites

learning first hand I had just returned home from my first time studying abroad when the travel bug hit me. I started searching through my school’s global engagement website to find another great opportunity. When I found International Business Seminars and began to make the first steps, I had no Read More

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The Value of Studying Abroad

Why I valued and invested in the IBS program before attending and why I valued my experience after Since I was a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to study abroad in Europe. However, planning to do so is not the easiest thing. There are many programs to Read More

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Six of the Best Cities to Visit When Studying Abroad in Europe

Studying abroad in Europe gives you a taste of history that you can’t find anywhere else. Walking among ruins, seeing civilizations with roots that span thousands of years, and observing firsthand places that were pivotal in building the modern world have a profound effect on your outlook. Art and literary Read More

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7 Surprising Things I Learned About Europe

While I was abroad, every single day provided an opportunity to experience and gain a deeper understanding of European culture. I am a firm believer in the idea that we learn most about ourselves through experiences. Although every day is a different day, each moment in life can provide an Read More

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