It’s Smarter to Travel in Groups

Why it´s smarter to travel in groups When I first thought about coming to China to experience the culture and people a few years ago, I was not sure when that would be possible for me. Last year, during my semester abroad at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Read More

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Accomplishing My Goals in China

Before I heard about International Business Seminars I had a goal to see and visit several different countries, one country that was not on my list to visit was China. I never had much of an interest to go somewhere other than first world countries (except Mexico), because I was Read More

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What Is Business Culture & Social Etiquette Like in Thailand?

Studying abroad in Thailand teaches you to look at exotic cultures with a different perspective. Thailand business culture, Thai food, and local entertainment are all totally different from what you’re probably used to. But with a few helpful tips, you’ve got nothing to worry about when visiting Thailand. What To Read More

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Why I Chose IBS…Twice

It was my first month as an accounting transfer student. I was attending a new college and living in a new apartment in a new city when I was thrown into my first recruiting season. I was being recruited for accounting internships, recruited for business fraternities, for honor societies, and Read More

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Vietnam: Not Just a War

When planning for the Winter SE Asia seminar, I was more excited for Thailand than Vietnam. In fact, I had very few expectations for what Vietnam would be like or what to expect. So when I got to Vietnam, I was quickly swept away by the hundreds (if not thousands) Read More

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Food for Thought

My favorite part of studying abroad in Vietnam was the food! I love how fresh the seafood was. The seafood was killed that day and sometimes even right in front of you. In the picture below you can see just how fresh the fish was when it was killed. You Read More

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Insights I Gained From Studying Abroad

Greetings! If you are reading this you are most likely in one of two boats: 1) You are considering studying abroad 2) You have already committed to a study abroad program and are wondering how to prepare for this undertaking. Kudos to you on taking the first step toward studying Read More

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