When in Prague…

Summer 2023 was my first time going to Europe and I did not want to come back. The International Business Seminars’ (IBS) Summer MBA program took place in Munich and Prague this year. It was amazing! My favorite city was Prague; now I understand why it has been named one Read More

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Packing Hacks for Short Term Study Abroad

Are you planning on attending a short term study abroad program? Congratulations! Studying abroad is an amazing experience that will give you the opportunity to learn about a new culture, meet new people, and see the world. But before you go abroad, you will need to pack. This can be daunting, Read More

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Choosing the Right Credit Card for International Travel

When traveling internationally for short-term study abroad programs, having the right credit card can provide peace of mind. Here are some key points to consider. Additional Protections Look for credit cards that offer extra protections such as a reimbursement and timely replacement for international travel. Being far from home in Read More

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Cultivating Independence: Developing Essential Skills Through Short-Term Study Abroad

Embarking on a short-term study abroad program can be a transformative experience that goes beyond academics. Short-term study abroad offers you an opportunity to cultivate independence and develop essential skills that are highly valued in professional fields. In this blog, we will explore the valuable skills gained through a short-term Read More

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Defending Against Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is a common problem in many tourist destinations around the world, and it can be a major hassle if you fall victim to it. Here are some tips to help you avoid pickpockets and keep your valuables safe while traveling abroad: Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight One of Read More

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Planning For My First Program Abroad

Planning for my First Study Abroad Trip When I returned to university to finish my degree, I had a multitude of things that I wanted to gain out of it besides a degree, and I wanted to push myself to experience new things and take advantage of opportunities I did Read More

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Three Tips for Studying Abroad

Three Travel Tips Initially, when I found out about the IBS Winter MBA study abroad program, I was really excited because it was a great opportunity to not only travel but also helped me towards my graduation requirements. However, like many other students, I was worried about the monetary aspects Read More

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Putting Life Into a New Perspective

Questions, Questions, Questions Without stepping out of your comfort zone, how can you ever learn what your boundaries are? How can you discover what you are capable of? How can you understand another person’s point of view if you have never been forced to look out a new lens other Read More

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What’s it Feels Like to Travel to Southeast Asia

I recently participated in the International Business Seminar Winter Southeast Asia program. In January of 2020, we traveled to Bangkok Thailand, for about a week. We then traveled to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for a few days. Thailand is somewhere I have always wanted to go, so I knew Read More

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The Essentials on a Southeast Asia Seminar

The Essentials on a Southeast Asia Seminar I have always lived with the mentality to be prepared for any situation when traveling. However, this can also weigh down a suitcase, which isn’t as much of a big deal on the way to my destination but can become an issue when Read More

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Which Scholarship is Right for You?

The International Business Seminar is a great opportunity to go out and explore the different lifestyles that people may have and how businesses are run in different countries but if the costs seem to be an issue, there are scholarships to help you out. For one, there is the Founders Read More

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How to Pack When Traveling in the Summer

Packing Tips for Women Traveling in the Summer Prepared for everything Before you jump on a plane to China (or other modest countries), here are some quick tips to help prepare you for your trip. Let’s start with the weather. Like most places in the summer, Beijing and Shanghai can Read More

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