Hard Work Pays Off!

The minute that you hear anyone talking about going abroad, it’s human instinct to immediately see dollar signs racking up in your head. How is any college student on a budget supposed to afford something like traveling overseas when we’re out here on campus eating ramen noodles three times a Read More

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Things to do in Paris

Versailles: We took a train to Versailles. We left early in the morning since the line could potentially get long later in the day. When we got there the line was wrapping around into several rows of people. We waited for about 45 minutes but it went by quick since Read More

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Useful Apps to Download Before Studying Abroad

The modern-day smartphone has often been described by the older generation as a tiny computer that fits in one’s pocket. This is probably because those who grew up without smartphones or easy access to computers understand just what a powerful tool a smartphone could be. Gone are the days when Read More

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One Thing I Wish I Would Have Done Before Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a great idea for so many reasons. It allows you to experience different cultures, you are able to get out of your comfort zone, and you are able to have the time of your life. When I was preparing for my time in Europe, I was so Read More

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How To: Plan for Your Trip Early!

You might be wondering why I’m writing a blog post about planning out your trip when the applications for the Winter study abroad programs haven’t even closed yet, but trust me when I say that you need to plan early. Planning isn’t just thinking about all of the fun you Read More

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Figuring Out Where To Visit On Your Trip

You’re going to be going to some amazing cities and you’re going to want to take advantage of the free time you have there. You should definitely look up places of interest that you would want to visit. If there’s somewhere you want to go, but you don’t know anyone Read More

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