How to Pack Accordingly for Your Seminar

How to pack for your seminar

How to Pack Accordingly for Your Seminar

Hey guys! One thing that I believe you need to know before enduring on your trip is how to pack accordingly for your seminar. When I prepared from my trip, I spoke with so many different people for their opinions of what I should wear ranging from people at IBS all the way to searching through travel blogs on the internet. I’m going to give you the best run down that I can to help you pack accordingly in order to have enough space for souvenirs and still have all that you need for your company visits/leisure time.

Less is more

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you can limit your luggage to at least one major size luggage bag (easier if it has 4 wheels) and one carry-on bag like a backpack. One reason for this is because the less luggage you have equals the more room you will have in your hotel room. Something that I never knew is that overseas, hotel rooms are designed differently than they are in the United States.

On the Europe trip, for example, the rooms are comfortable for two people but much smaller, making it more difficult to fit more than 3 huge luggage bags. Plus, with having a carry-on like a back-pack, it’s great to use during your leisure time if doing something active for example to store all of your items rather than relying on a purse or pockets. I used mine to store my souvenirs from country to country and hold the basic things that I wanted to have easy access to when on the coach bus while we traveled.

How to pack accordingly for your seminar

Double down

The second thing you need to know is what to put in your luggage when you’re packing. This includes your clothes for both your company visits and when you are having your free time to explore the areas that you are in. Personally, what I struggled with was overpacking for the company visits and not enough for my leisure time. A word of advice that I would give to you all is to keep in mind that everyone on your trip is in the exact same boat as you.

What I mean by this is that they understand there is limited space in all of your luggage to pack everything and there is nothing wrong with repeating outfits, especially when it comes to the company visits. The company visits probably last in a range of 3-4 hours and then the remaining time in your day is free time. With this in mind, your business clothes get way less dirty then your leisure clothes and are easier to be re-worn more than twice.

How to pack accordingly for your seminar

Shoes are a girl’s best friend

My final tip for packing is to bring the best shoes that you own. I know a lot of people that came on my trip who made the mistake of purchasing brand new shoes before the trip and they definitely suffered the consequences of that. I would recommend around three pairs of shoes for your trip.

One pair that is a comfortable tennis shoe that you will be able to walk miles in (the minimum that I walked in a day was 5 miles and the most was 14 miles). A second pair should be a nice dress shoe to wear to company visits (ladies, no matter how cute your shoe is, please make sure they are comfortable to walk around a lot in, some of the company tours are long and involve stairs). Finally, I would suggest a nice pair of shoes that you can manage to maneuver comfortably in while enjoying the nightlife of the cities you’re visiting.

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