Studying Abroad With a Busy Schedule

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Studying Abroad With a Busy Schedule

Studying Abroad with a Busy ScheduleStudying abroad is the highlight of many college students’ time in school. However, it seems like not everyone is able to get the opportunity. Whether it be due to money, time, work, school, or family. IBS gives those who wouldn’t normally be able to commit a full semester abroad the opportunity to experience other countries. That’s exactly why I chose to attend Summer China 2019. View the rest of the programs here.

Work, School, and Study Abroad?

I spent 3.5 years attending another university as a biology and chemistry major. Late in the game, that wasn’t the right path for me. After telling my parents that I wanted to change my major to Business Administration they told me I would have to move home and work full-time if that was really what I wanted. I decided that was what I wanted and that I couldn’t handle another science class. Once I moved home and transferred to Northern Illinois University, I felt like I really had no chance of studying abroad. I saw all these ads for semesters abroad for business students, but I knew I couldn’t take a semester off from work and afford school and all the expenses of being abroad.

Why I chose IBS

Studying Abroad with a Busy ScheduleI had an IBS alumnus come and speak in one of my lectures and I knew this was a program I could make work with not only my work schedule but with my budget. International Business Seminars is unique in that instead of spending months abroad taking a class at another university you are learning real business skills in a real business environment. I was immediately struck by the idea that the seminar is centered around students visiting businesses and speaking with employees about what it’s like to work at that particular company. These programs are just the right length for those that have can’t commit to a full term aboard because of their busy schedules.


International Business Seminars trips aren’t going to break the bank. Their cost is friendly to those who can’t spend the money to take a full semester abroad. Not only that but there is a lot of scholarship money out there for studying abroad. There are several tours included in your seminar fee so if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money abroad that’s no problem, you’ve already been covered.

Real Business Exposure

While many study abroad programs focus around immersing yourself in a culture and being a part of the country you are visiting. IBS allows you to not only do that but also to gain valuable business skills. The program forces you to get real exposure in a business environment that you wouldn’t normally get. Not only do you have these real business experiences you are networking while doing so. You are making connections with the people on the trip with you as well as with the business people that you are meeting with.

More than Business

Studying Abroad with a Busy ScheduleStudying abroad isn’t just about school and business, it is also about having fun. During IBS trips there is so much free time in your schedule to spend doing things you want to do. You are able to go on tours that are scheduled for you as well as optional events, and even just go off and explore on your own. It’s exciting to go on a trip and just explore places you don’t know with people you’re getting to know. Along with exploring comes friendships. Being in a new place allows you to make connections easier than you would have thought.

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Lexie McKay
Lexie McKay

School: Northern Illinois University

I really liked that the other students and I were all a little out of place so it was fun to bond over experiences and things that we had done together for the first time.

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