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Winter Two

Blog posts from an IBS Digital Ambassador experiencing London & Paris on Winter Two!

Why London Was My Favorite City

I took 3 years of French in high school. As I was taught the language I immediately fell in love with the idea of visiting France. I wanted to experience everything my French teacher was telling me about. When I decided to study abroad in London and Paris, I was Read More

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IBS Does it All!

Doing all the planning for a study abroad program can be very stressful. My mind was flooded with all the details. What do I pack? Am I forgetting something? Where is my hotel? How do I fly by myself? All of these thoughts will run through your head during the Read More

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Finding My Passion with International Business Seminars

Rediscovering My Passion for Business I am a sophomore Business student at LSU and before going through the study abroad experience with IBS, I was beginning to question my business major. As only a sophomore in college, I had not yet reached the more interesting and useful classes, and I Read More

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Places to See – Places to Eat

Make a list of what you want to try! While traveling abroad, it is important that you do some research on what types of foods you will encounter along the way. Before you reach each country make sure you google what dishes are popular and find some things you want Read More

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Why I Enjoyed London Over Paris

My Winter Two seminar included an eleven-day trip to both London and Paris. My experience as a whole was amazing and I wish it would have lasted longer. Although my time in both cities was great, I think my favorite of the two was London. What made London stand out Read More

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Living Out My Dreams in London & Paris

Paris One of the top destinations that I have always wanted to visit was Paris because of the Eiffel Tower. I was eager to see and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower for the first time! On the first day, we were able to take a tour of Read More

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Forming Unexpected Bonds

The majority of people (myself included) who have plans to travel to such popular and culturally enriched cities usually plan to see all of the most popular tourist destinations. For example, people go to London to see Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of Read More

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Paris Vs. London

When I began looking at different International Business Seminars (IBS) programs, I was most interested in the different destinations that were offered. When I saw the Paris and London trip, I was a little hesitant because we would be traveling there in the winter season, and I prefer the warm Read More

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Choosing the Best Study Abroad Program

Making the Jump! How does someone even begin to decide if they want to take the time to make an effort to travel across the world in hopes of learning something new about cultures and themselves? For me, I always knew I wanted to explore new lands, cultures, and people. Read More

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What IBS Taught me about the Beauty of French Culture

Prior to studying abroad with International Business Seminars, many people asked me “What country are you looking forward to the most?” My answer was always, without hesitation, Italy. My grandfather’s last name is Monfeli, and my family has roots in Rome, Naples, Sicily, and many other parts of Italy. So, Read More

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Goal Accomplished!

After going through a difficult divorce last year, I made a decision. I promised myself that I would visit Paris sometime in 2017. It was my number one on my list of destinations. I thought I might as well start at the top. I didn’t know how I would go Read More

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New Year’s Eve in London

So, it’s your first time out of the United States and you’re with strangers in London on New Year’s Eve…what’re you gonna do? First, Don’t Freak Out… because in less than two weeks these 44 virtual strangers will become family… sharing the experience of a life-changing study abroad program with Read More

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