Choosing the Best Study Abroad Program

Melissa with friends in London

Making the Jump!

How does someone even begin to decide if they want to take the time to make an effort to travel across the world in hopes of learning something new about cultures and themselves? For me, I always knew I wanted to explore new lands, cultures, and people. For others, it is all about the adventures, learning opportunities, and the chance to experience things you simply don’t do and see every day. Even though it’s a big decision to make, it will be one you never forget or regret and my biggest advice is to jump! Jump into new traditions, new activities, and new people to enjoy all of these new places with. When you put yourself out there and jump you open up a new side of yourself that will inevitably open even more doors for you.

Why Choose International Business Seminars

Making the decision to study abroad for my first time, and without familiar faces, was the bravest thing I have ever done and it was a catalyst for all of the incredible things the universe had to offer me. I was turned on to traveling with International Business Seminars when I saw my faculty adviser and another Student Ambassador come into one of my classes to present about their experiences. Fast forward a few months later at an involvement fair booth where I was pestering the presenters about how I could officially apply for the program and I haven’t turned back since. I was swayed by the follow-up contact I received from not only my faculty adviser but actual representatives from IBS. They were all equally just as enthusiastic and eager to help me along the way. There were a ton of opportunities for me to meet face-to-face for questions or I could always easily shoot an email and get a quick response.

Another major reason I decided to travel with International Business Seminars during my study abroad was due to their incredible and included logistics package. Not one time did I need to look up a single flight or schedule a shuttle to and from my hotel, meetings, and the airport. IBS handled every step of the way for me, including check my flight details with me before officially booking it just in case I needed to leave at a different time. Having those plans set in motion without me needing to plan every detail really allowed me to fully immerse myself in the experience instead of the details. It was also very comforting to know I basically had a team of resources to help me navigate through any problems I was to have encountered instead of being left alone in a time of crisis or fear. Having this in mind put me and the other students at ease as we were roaming the streets of Paris and London allowing us to fully take in this new adventure with a healthy confidence level.

This brings me to my final point in why I chose to study abroad and with IBS specifically. It was really important for me to travel and study with people who share the same passion for experience as I do. I found just that in every student, faculty leader, and representative of IBS I met along the way. Every one of them went out of their way to make sure we were on the same page. This meant that my academic intelligence was positively challenged fostering knowledge growth and they displayed a desire to see all of the students experience these new cultures and countries for personal growth.

These honorable traits lead me down paths that I didn’t think I was confident enough to walk down. I was able to achieve because I had several people coaching me along the way reminding me of my strengths. I truly am so thankful for taking all of their advice and being able to work next to them during such a pivotal moment in my life! All in all, I can’t think of one reason that would stop me from making the choice to study abroad again with IBS.
Melissa with friends at Chealsea Football Club in London

Melissa Scheve

School: Louisiana State University

I had the chance to explore new cities and countries on the other side of the world through a new scope and didn’t step foot into a classroom one time!

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