Packing Tips for Business Travelers

Packing tips for business travel

For business travelers spending a portion of their year on the road, knowing how to pack efficiently is an essential skill. As a student attending an IBS program, understanding how to pack accordingly is equally as important. Not only will you need to pack business attire for company meetings but you will have to keep your luggage light and easy to carry from country to country.

Here are a few helpful packing tips

1. Plan ahead

Before you begin packing, take a look at your trip itinerary and make a list of what you’ll need to bring. Figure out how many bags you can take as well as their size and weight limits. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the dress code before choosing outfits to pack.

2. Keep your valuables in your carry-on

Whether you carry-on all of your items or check a bag, it’s important to keep your valuable items such as travel documents, medications, electronics, etc. with you at all times. When in doubt, check the TSA guidelines to see what items are permitted or prohibited.

3. Mix and Match Your Clothes

The goal is to not over pack. Sticking with neutral colors and basic styles of clothing will allow you to mix and match to create different outfits. You can use jewelry, ties, or other professional accessories to enhance your outfits without losing luggage space.

Now that you’ve decided which clothes to pack, it’s time to figure out how to pack them. A few of the more popular ways to pack, without wrinkling your clothes, are the rolling technique and the flat technique. Choose a technique that’s best for you. Remember it’s always best to keep some clothes in your carry on just in case!

4. Double check your electronics

If you are going to bring your cell phone, laptop, camera or anything else that has a battery, be sure to pack their appropriate chargers. You’ll also want to ensure you’ve purchased the proper plug adapter for your devices. Students attending an IBS program don’t need to bring their laptops unless they have their own personal work to complete during the seminar. 

5. Tips for checking your bag

  • Label your bags inside and out with your name, email address, and mobile number.
  • Add colorful tags or stickers to help your bag stand out on the carousel. We provide colorful luggage tags for IBS participants and they are a must for easy identification!
  • Place your toiletries in a plastic bag and seal any open bottles or tubes to avoid spilling.
  • If you plan on using a lock on your bag, use a TSA-approved lock to avoid potential damage to your bag if it has to be opened by baggage handlers or security inspectors.
  • Don’t forget to leave space for souvenirs!

NOTE: IBS Participants can only bring one bag and one carry on due to limited space on trains and coaches during travel between destinations. Participants can bring a second bag home if they buy souvenirs in the final city.  

If you are curious about TSA precheck here is an awesome article to get you up to speed!

We hope our packing tips will help you get started! Feel free to share your favorite packing tips in the comment section below!

Safe Travels!

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