Business Casual – What Should You Wear?

There are many interpretations of the term “business casual.” Some office environments are more relaxed than others when it comes to dress code policies. Because of this, some people interpret “business casual” as more casual rather than business.

Traditional Business Casual Attire:

Business casual attire is a cross between business formal and casual. Instead of wearing a full business suit, it’s common to wear dress pants paired with a nice shirt. However, dress shoes are typically still required.

For men:

A business casual outfit includes dress pants with a button-up collared shirt, sport jacket, matching suit with no tie, or dress pants paired with a shirt and tie.. Plain sweaters, cardigans, and polo shirts may be appropriate when paired with nice looking pants. 

For women:

Dress pants, skirt, or dress with a non-matching jacket with a collared blouse or dress material shirt is recommended business casual attire for women. Skirts and dresses should always sit at or just above the knee. Casual blouses, cardigans, polo shirts, and plain shirts may be appropriate when paired with nice looking pants or a skirt.


Dress shoes, flats, boots, dress sandals, open-toed, and closed-toed shoes are appropriate.

Your company’s dress code policy will give you direction on what’s appropriate for your work place. The dress code policy for our programs includes business formal, business professional, and dressy casual attire. We always want our students to dress for success when they meet top executives from global companies.

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