Free Time Recommendations for Your Visit to Paris, France

My advice on how to spend your free time in one city depends on the amount of free time you have during your Winter Europe Seminar. If you have a free afternoon or morning, you can visit any attraction you want to visit. The attractions won’t take a lot of Read More

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Things to do in Paris

Versailles: We took a train to Versailles. We left early in the morning since the line could potentially get long later in the day. When we got there the line was wrapping around into several rows of people. We waited for about 45 minutes but it went by quick since Read More

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Six of the Best Cities to Visit When Studying Abroad in Europe

Studying abroad in Europe gives you a taste of history that you can’t find anywhere else. Walking among ruins, seeing civilizations with roots that span thousands of years, and observing firsthand places that were pivotal in building the modern world have a profound effect on your outlook. Art and literary Read More

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Why IBS Europe: Business Edition

As I looked for study abroad programs, of which LSU offers plenty, it was International Business Seminars that stood out the most. It had the most potential to influence my life the most, but how? I went through the application process and meetings with my head and became increasingly interested Read More

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Making The Most of Each City Abroad

Your luggage is packed (and probably overweight), you’ve said goodbye to your friends, and your passport is in hand. Now what? International Business Studies is a very unique program. I mean, in the sense that you are able to visit various cities, in a short amount of time, and get Read More

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London Calling!!!

You’re probably reading this because you have been thinking about traveling abroad, well let me just tell you, you should go ahead and do it. I was always the kind of girl who was afraid to leave the town I lived in, and never imagined myself traveling all alone, one Read More

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