Hard Work Pays Off!

The minute that you hear anyone talking about going abroad, it’s human instinct to immediately see dollar signs racking up in your head. How is any college student on a budget supposed to afford something like traveling overseas when we’re out here on campus eating ramen noodles three times a Read More

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Things to do in Paris

Versailles: We took a train to Versailles. We left early in the morning since the line could potentially get long later in the day. When we got there the line was wrapping around into several rows of people. We waited for about 45 minutes but it went by quick since Read More

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Give Every City a Chance!

When I first looked at the Summer Europe study abroad itinerary, I saw the cities of Paris, Innsbruck, Dijon, Geneva, Venice, and Verona— all these fantastic places that I had read about and saw travel shows on. How exciting! Then I saw London and wondered what was I really going Read More

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Staying (Dis)connected

In this day and age it is hard to step away from our cell phones. Every sight is Snapchat* and Instagram worthy, plus mom wants daily Facebook updates. There’s even an Instagram competition that IBS puts on during the seminar, so why wouldn’t you bring your phone ready to use overseas? Read More

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My advice for all future travelers

We all have our own journey and mine started by studying abroad in Australia and then Cyprus. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and I’ve advised over 1,500 students on their way to study abroad. I’ve broken down my 3 most important pieces of advice to all of my students Read More

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