How to Spend Money Wisely on Your Trip

In order to budget effectively when studying abroad, you want to start by looking at how much money you will be bringing with you abroad. I would recommend keeping this money on a debit/credit card instead of bringing cash because cash could be misplaced or stolen. If a credit card Read More

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Abroad on a Budget

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about one of the most stressful things about studying abroad: money. I am very thankful to have parents that have always encouraged me to study abroad and were willing to cover the majority of the cost for the trip, but all of my Read More

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How To Pay for an IBS Trip

So, you heard about International Business Seminars on campus and you’re looking into the different trips. As you’re perusing the website and rereading the brochure that was thrust at you, you notice the four digit number under “Cost of Trip” and your heart skips a beat. You think to yourself, Read More

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