Expanding My Business Horizons

The International Business Seminars Summer MBA Program helped expand my business horizons and open myself up for new personal and professional experiences. Pre-Departure Experience When I started the MBA program at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), I did not know anyone else in the program. As an introvert, Read More

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Bridging Gaps for My Community

My international business experience helped me come up with potential solutions in my own business community I accomplished some of my goals and grew personally and professionally by attending the Summer MBA Seminar. Some of my goals were a bit difficult to accomplish during the IBS program; however, the personal Read More

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I Grew Personally & Professionally During My Summer China Seminar

“I can honestly say that, of all the trips I have made across the world, this adventure was the most amazing.  I got more out of this experience in China than I ever could have imagined.”   Summer China Seminar: During the Summer China Seminar, we met Mr. William Baker, who Read More

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How to Add Your IBS Seminar to Your Linkedin Profile

By adding your International Business Seminars trip to your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be able to showcase your international experience while you build and maintain your professional network. According to an Erasmus Impact Study, 64% of employers consider international experience important when recruiting new employees. With LinkedIn being the world’s largest Read More

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The Executive Experience Abroad

With technology advancing and easy access to information, it’s time to realize that our educational opportunities need to adapt to our students’ wants and needs. The International Business Seminars (IBS) program, The Executive Experience Abroad, was created to prepare students for an evolving business world that is continuously becoming more Read More

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