Fashion in Japan

Summer is a popular season in Japan, not only for its festivals and holidays but also for its unique fashion trends. In this blog, we will explore some of the most popular fashion trends for summer in Japan. Yukata Yukata is a traditional Japanese garment that is worn during the Read More

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Holidays in Japan

Japan is a country that has a rich culture and history, and this is reflected in the various holidays and festivals that take place throughout the year. One of the most popular times to visit Japan is during the summer months, when a number of holidays and celebrations take place. Read More

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Fashion in Europe

Europe is a diverse continent with a rich cultural heritage. As such, the clothing styles vary greatly from country to country and region to region. However, there are some commonalities when it comes to seasonal fashion across Europe. Here are some popular summer fashion trends across the continent: Light fabrics Read More

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European Summer Holidays

Summer is a wonderful time to visit Europe, as many countries have a range of unique holidays and traditions that make for a memorable trip. From sunny beach holidays to cultural city breaks, Europe has something for everyone during the summer months. Bastille Day One of the most famous European Read More

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Bridging Gaps for My Community

My international business experience helped me come up with potential solutions in my own business community I accomplished some of my goals and grew personally and professionally by attending the Summer MBA Seminar. Some of my goals were a bit difficult to accomplish during the IBS program; however, the personal Read More

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Paragliding in Austria

We traveled to Innsbruck, Austria and met with the Innsbruck Tourism Board to learn about how they market Innsbruck and the surrounding Tyrolean area as a top destination to visit. As the meeting went on, we learned that extreme sports are popular activities in Innsbruck. We had an opportunity to Read More

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Interview with Summer Europe Alum, Kendall

Kendall is from Pensacola, Florida and she’s currently a student at the University of Mississippi. Kendall is an Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Business and found an International Business Seminar to be exactly what she needed to take her education to the next level. Read more about her Read More

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Why IBS Summer Europe Was Right for Me

Location, Location, Location There is nothing more important about an abroad trip than the location(s). IBS Summer Europe offered six countries and multiple cities. PERFECT! The cities varied from villages to metropolises: lots to see, do, and eat. The methods of transportation were great as well—fly into Europe and take Read More

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