Interview with Summer Europe Alum, Kendall

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Kendall is from Pensacola, Florida and she’s currently a student at the University of Mississippi. Kendall is an Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Business and found an International Business Seminar to be exactly what she needed to take her education to the next level. Read more about her interview with IBS and find out about her recent job placement in London!

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Why did you choose your IBS seminar vs any other option?
I chose to attend the Summer Europe seminar with IBS over any other program because I learn better through firsthand experience rather than sitting in a classroom for hours at a time. I really enjoyed visiting several different companies and learning about their day-to-day operations while also getting to explore new places.

If you had 60 seconds to convince a friend to study abroad, what would you say?
Choose a program that best fits your needs. IBS is awesome because it provides a unique experience to market yourself to employers as well as a cool and innovative way to earn class credit. Learning about different cultures is truly inspiring and seeing amazing new places is a reason in itself to study abroad.

Being able to travel to multiple cities and countries, what travel advice do you have for future students?
Traveling between multiple cities and countries is awesome, that being said I would definitely recommend buying a good travel bag that can fit all of your essentials plus room for extra purchases. My carry on was a purse and my suitcase was overweight so I had to use a grocery bag that I found in my mom’s car, although using a grocery bag as a carry on was funny for a while, it was not functional!

If you traveled to so many different places in such a short amount of time, how did you have time for class?
Well, the bottom line is we did not have time for class. Sitting in a classroom, taking tests, scribbling down notes and listening to some boring professor babble for hours, is just not how IBS students roll. In each city, we were provided the opportunity to visit with top international companies.

A typical company visit would include getting some fancy VIP name badge, taking a tour of the business and meeting with some of their top executives. So not only was it a great way to learn and gain firsthand experience, it was also a fantastic way to make connections.

What are the company visits like? Did you have a favorite visit and what did you learn?
The company visits are typically very informative and offer an inside look into a company that most people do not have access to. My favorite visit by far was BETC in Paris, France. I learned about different aspects of new media and working at BETC has become a dream job of mine!

What do you miss the most about being abroad?
I miss the ability to just step outside and explore a completely new city while interacting with people from a different culture. All of the cities were beautiful and had unique qualities, there was always something to do and the FOOD was always incredible!

How have you changed after attending your seminar abroad with IBS?
I definitely have a much greater appreciation for Europe and the affiliated cultures. So much so that I have accepted a job offer in London for the upcoming summer!

Tell us more about your summer job placement?
I received a summer work placement position with Me: Mo Interactive, a restaurant and bar PR firm in London. I plan to be there June-August and will be living in a small apartment with another friend that will be working in London as well! Needless to say, I am very excited about this summer.

Kendall is a great advocate for International Business Seminars and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

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Kayla Ihrig

IBS Director of Enrollment

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