Holidays in Japan

Japanese lanterns in front of a mountain range at twilight.

Japan is a country that has a rich culture and history, and this is reflected in the various holidays and festivals that take place throughout the year.

One of the most popular times to visit Japan is during the summer months, when a number of holidays and celebrations take place. In this blog, we will explore some of the most popular summer holidays celebrated in Japan.

Obon Festival

Obon is a traditional Japanese holiday that takes place in mid-August. It is a time when Japanese people honor their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. During this time, it is believed that the spirits of the dead return to the world of the living to visit their families. As a result, many families will return to their hometowns to visit their ancestors’ graves and participate in various rituals, such as lighting lanterns and offering food to the spirits.

Tanabata Festival

The Tanabata Festival, also known as the Star Festival, takes place on July 7th. According to legend, two stars, Vega and Altair, are separated by the Milky Way and are only able to meet once a year on this day. During the festival, people write wishes on strips of paper and hang them on bamboo trees in hopes that they will come true. The festival is celebrated throughout Japan, with various parades, performances, and decorations.

Summer Festivals

Summer festivals, known as “matsuri” in Japanese, are held throughout Japan during the summer months. These festivals are characterized by traditional music, dance, and food. Many of the festivals also feature elaborate parades with floats and portable shrines. One of the most famous summer festivals is the Gion Festival, which takes place in Kyoto in July. Another popular festival is the Nebuta Festival, which takes place in Aomori in August.

Marine Day

Marine Day, also known as “Umi no Hi” in Japanese, is a national holiday that takes place on the third Monday of July. The holiday was established to give thanks to the ocean and recognize its importance to Japan as an island nation. Many people celebrate the holiday by spending time at the beach or participating in water-related activities.

Japan is a country that loves to celebrate and the summer months provide ample opportunity to experience traditional culture and customs. Whether you are interested in festivals, honoring ancestors, or just enjoying the beauty of the ocean, there is something for everyone in Japan during the summer months!

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