Accomplishing My Goals in China

Before I heard about International Business Seminars I had a goal to see and visit several different countries, one country that was not on my list to visit was China. I never had much of an interest to go somewhere other than first world countries (except Mexico), because I was Read More

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Bridging Gaps for My Community

My international business experience helped me come up with potential solutions in my own business community I accomplished some of my goals and grew personally and professionally by attending the Summer MBA Seminar. Some of my goals were a bit difficult to accomplish during the IBS program; however, the personal Read More

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I Grew Personally & Professionally During My Summer China Seminar

“I can honestly say that, of all the trips I have made across the world, this adventure was the most amazing.  I got more out of this experience in China than I ever could have imagined.”   Summer China Seminar: During the Summer China Seminar, we met Mr. William Baker, who Read More

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Break the Bubble & Branch Out

I want to start by saying I don’t think I’m a shy person; however, I wouldn’t call myself an extrovert either. I enjoy my alone time and being by myself. I like being an observer from the sidelines. I was comfortable in my Louisiana bubble and the biggest “leap” I Read More

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