Why IBS Summer Europe Was Right for Me

Location, Location, Location

There is nothing more important about an abroad trip than the location(s). IBS Summer Europe offered six countries and multiple cities. PERFECT! The cities varied from villages to metropolises: lots to see, do, and eat.

The methods of transportation were great as well—fly into Europe and take a bus. I am the kind of traveler who likes to see landscapes, so bussing from country to country worked out wonderfully. Once in the city, I was free to take the bus, metro, cab or Uber.

Northern Italy Selfie Bus Break turned Selfie in Northern Italy

Landscape Leaving Bavaria The beautiful landscape leaving Bavaria

Free Day, Me Day

One of the great things about the IBS program is that the itinerary lists a free day for every city traveled to. This gave me a lot of time to plan out things to do. In Paris, I took a Black Paris Tour with Ricki Stevenson, which was the most educational, eye-opening tour I have ever been on. In Innsbruck, I went white water rafting, to the Ambras Castle and into the Nordkette Mountains, all of which are huge conversation pieces when I get asked about the trip. In Venice, I went on a gondola ride. Always try something different, it adds variety to your trip and creates memories.

White Water Rafting Rafting in the River Inn

Gondola ride in Venezia Gondola ride in Venezia

Business Listing

IBS offered visits to different businesses in different countries, some of which I had never heard of. BETC in Paris is a marketing/advertising firm, which is expanding internationally and creates ads for companies ranging from house cleaners to luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton. Cailler in Broc was more like a field trip than a business visit. Learning about the history of chocolate and being able to purchase the Cailler chocolate, WINNING! BMW Plant in Dingolfing gave us a look into the creative process from beginning to end. Never in my life did I want a BMW until visiting. They take pride in their work and the final product.

Cailler Chocolate Factory Cailler Chocolate Factory in Broc, Switzerland

These were my reasons as to why IBS Summer Europe was the right abroad trip for me. I hope you do your research and figure out which program works best for you!

Candice Savoy

School: Louisiana State University

My advice to future study abroad students: Do your research about the program and the customs of the countries you will be visiting. Have fun!!

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