FAQ’s with IBS Alumnae, Kendall

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As my time as an alumni ambassador for the fall semester ends, I thought I would compile a list of the questions I am asked most often about IBS.

1. Where did you go on your trip?

As much as I love telling people about IBS, I almost hate this question because my response is so long I always feel out breath after listing all the countries I traveled to thanks to IBS! While I traveled to Munich, Innsbruck, Verona, Venice, Geneva, Dijon, Paris, and London (I’m out of breath just typing that list!), I always explain that IBS allows you to travel to multiple countries as part of the program. Most people are thrilled to learn that travel is a part of IBS, unlike other study abroad programs where you are stationed in one city and have the option to travel while not in class.

2. If you traveled to so many different places in such a short amount of time, how did you have time for class?

Well, bottom-line is we did not have time for class. Sitting in a classroom, taking tests, scribbling down notes and listening to some boring professor babble for hours, is just not how IBS students roll. In each city, we were provided the opportunity to visit with top international companies. A typical company visit would include getting some fancy VIP name badge, taking a tour of the business and meeting with some of their top executives. So not only was it a great way to learn and gain firsthand experience, but it was also a fantastic way to make connections.

3. Did you have much free time?

Yes, plenty. Our company visits were interesting and an adequate amount of time to learn about each business but also allowed most of the day to explore the cities we were visiting. We were each provided with public transportation cards and the professors gave fantastic recommendations for restaurants and attractions to visit in our spare time.

4. Did you know anybody on the trip?

No, I did not know anybody prior to the trip and I am so glad. I loved going on the trip and meeting new people. Sharing new experiences with new friends in incredible countries was probably my favorite part of the trip. I made over thirty new friends that I am still in contact with today and I am so thankful for that! I encourage everybody to go on their IBS trip with an open mind willing to meet new people from all over the country.

Kendall Finger

Alumni Ambassador

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