Six of the Best Cities to Visit When Studying Abroad in Europe

best cities to visit in europe

Studying abroad in Europe gives you a taste of history that you can’t find anywhere else. Walking among ruins, seeing civilizations with roots that span thousands of years, and observing firsthand places that were pivotal in building the modern world have a profound effect on your outlook.

Art and literary majors are overjoyed at the prospect of getting to study abroad in Europe – it’s practically a pilgrimage for them – but business students have just as much reason to add a Euro trip to their bucket list of educational opportunities. Europe is an incomparable place to expand your business horizons and interact with international companies on their turf. That makes your curriculum vitae far more valuable to potential employers.

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of the best cities to study abroad in Europe for business students to visit.

London, United Kingdom

London is the New York City of Europe. As the city that never sleeps, New York City drives commerce around the world. Well, London does the same thing for all of Europe. In fact, it’s one of the largest business hubs in the entire world.

Tech startups, established banks and all types of niche companies call London home. At the same time, the huge metropolis stays refined and professional in the boardroom and along its historic cobblestone streets and museums. Learning how to successfully do business with customers is something every business major learns in London.

Paris, France

Though Paris is famous as a hotspot for artistic inspiration, gorgeous architecture and romance, don’t let the city’s iconic skyline and tantalizing food scene fool you. There’s a real economic lifeblood running under Paris’ beautiful exterior. Going beyond the Eiffel Tower, Paris is home to almost 30 Fortune 500 companies and also boasts the largest financial district in all of Europe.

Of course, it’s still Paris, so strolling along the Champs-Elysees while looking at centuries-old shops and sampling some of France’s finest cuisine is an essential life experience as well.

Munich, Germany

Germany is one of the world’s largest industrial powerhouses, importing and exporting huge amounts of raw materials, parts, and products. With a booming economy and ties to tons of other nations, Munich represents the idea of global business extremely well. Business students studying abroad in Munich make very valuable and powerful connections that can prove attractive to potential U.S. companies wanted to do business in Europe.

The ambiance in Munich is a blend of modern excitement, Old World art and architecture, and peaceful forested mountainsides. Taking a trip to one of the castles in the surrounding countryside is absolutely unforgettable.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a curious historical irony. It’s one of Eastern Europe’s oldest capitals, but – unlike Rome or Paris – it has a surprisingly youthful economy. The city is a great example of what happens when startups take risks that pay off big time. Now Prague is home to innovative industry leaders.

One reason students love to study abroad in Prague has to do with its vibe. It’s relaxed, hip and a little bit quirky, making it a melting pot of ethnic backgrounds that makes you think of a beachside village more than a thriving European capital.

Doing business in Prague – and hanging out to see the gorgeous city lights and aged architecture – means adapting to different viewpoints and methods. If you can successfully navigate Prague’s business scene, employers know you’re ready to tackle business trips anywhere.

Verona, Italy

Italy has a rich history like few other places in Europe, spanning thousands of years across several must-visit world wonders. Verona is also famous due to its inclusion in Shakespeare’s tale of Romeo and Juliet.

Beyond classic literature and the breathtaking vineyard-lined hillsides, Verona makes an ideal home base for students wanting to see more of Europe. Venice and Milan are only an hour or two away, and even major destinations like Barcelona, Spain and The Hague, Netherlands typically take less than a day to reach.

Verona immerses you in the warmth of Italian family business dynamics, teaching the importance of loyalty and personal interaction with clients. Plus, the food is to die for.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Not far from Vienna, Lausanne offers a much more intimate vibe than other cities to study abroad in Europe. It’s not small by any means, but it has a village ambiance that makes visitors feel right at home.

Lausanne is a short 30-minute drive away from the world headquarters of Nestlé in Vevey, Switzerland, which is an essential visit for any student specializing in international business. Switzerland is great for immersing yourself in foreign languages as well, with French, German and Italian all as official languages.

Embrace the Journey

Seize the opportunity to study abroad in Europe. It’s a life-changing experience with profound effects on your future and your profession. Make the most of your trip to Europe by personalizing it: visit the nearby spots you’ve always dreamed about, expose yourself to foreign influences that interest you and don’t be afraid to extend your stay and soak in even more of the immense knowledge and history that Europe has to offer.

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