Why IBS Europe: Business Edition

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As I looked for study abroad programs, of which LSU offers plenty, it was International Business Seminars that stood out the most. It had the most potential to influence my life the most, but how? I went through the application process and meetings with my head and became increasingly interested in the possibilities. In Europe, my seminar group was exposed to meetings with companies that I would never have had access to in the states.

lloyds of london lobby

birds eye view of lloyds of londonLloyd’s of London

Mr. Peter Fletcher and Mr. Paul Dalton met my group; both were once full-time employees of Lloyd’s. They provided us with a presentation and a tour of the grand building. There are two types of work in Lloyd’s: brokers and underwriters. The underwriter’s job is making sure premiums exceed the claims. Brokers bring business in on behalf of the client. About ninety-six companies use 200 firms of brokers as intermediaries.

Lloyd’s is not in business to make a profit. The company itself does not ensure anything. There are over 900 employees working at Lloyd’s. As a broker you cannot reserve a spot; you must wait your turn. Lloyd’s of London does not participate in Banking finance guarantees, war, or providing life insurance. How many other students can say they’ve had an intimate look into such an internationally prestigious firm?

NeoKami GmbH

As a millennial, many of my counterparts are branching out and starting their own companies. International Business Seminars provided a look into international entrepreneurship. Ozel Christo, CEO introduced his company NeoKami GmbH. Christo found that it is easy to raise money but hard to sell ideas because provided services must be tangible and understandable to customers.

Christo stated that people follow Goldman Sachs because they have JP Morgan on Wall Street. Germany is always last to make changes because they are conservative and follow after they have seen success. The major changes are acted upon in the United States then the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union follows.


BETC is the most awarded French agency. Their mission statement is: “gather strong people, produce great work, create cool brands” More than 10 charities are supported with zero profits for BETC. The agency prides itself on its pro bono work with Amnesty International and Reporters without Barriers.

My major is marketing and it was wonderful to get a look into large-scale advertising in an international company. Ellen gave a great presentation. While in Paris and London, I ended up using the BETC created Louis Vuitton travel guide during the remaining leg of the trip.

International Business Seminars is tops when students want to travel, learn and interact with the international business world. I learned the importance of having a vision and a strong foundation when creating a business/company. It is important to use what is already provided and improvise from there.

Candice Savoy

School: Louisiana State University

My advice to future study abroad students: Do your research about the program and the customs of the countries you will be visiting. Have fun!!

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