Why IBS is the Best Study Abroad Program

International Business Seminars is the best study abroad programs. They make it so easy to plan a trip that fits your needs. IBS takes all of the stress out of traveling across the world, by booking flights, reserving hotels, and planning travel between countries.


Most study abroad programs require you to stay in dorms, hostels, or even local’s homes. While these options may have their perks, it feels good knowing after a long day traveling, you have a four-star hotel to come home to. That is exactly what you get when you travel with International Business Seminars. Each hotel we stayed at was clean and very accommodating to our needs. IBS also took care of all of the bookings for you. All we had to do was show up on time, and check-in was a breeze!

IBS also offered the option of booking your flights for you. If you are traveling from a hub where other students are also leaving out of, they would make sure you were all on the same flights. Allowing IBS to book your flights alleviates the stress from having to figure out where you need to be and when. The staff is great at answering your questions and giving you recommendations to make your overseas travel seamless.


Another plus about studying abroad with IBS is the way that you study. Instead of being stuck in a classroom for the majority of your trip, you are meeting with high-level international companies. In Germany we visited BMW, Austria we went to Swarovski, Italy we met with Redoro, Switzerland we got to go to the World Trade Organization, France we went to a Hard Rock Café, and London we visited Lloyd’s of London. Meeting with these companies gave us the experience of seeing how major businesses ran in an international setting. It also gave us an amazing opportunity to network. Many students walked away with contacts to business executives, and some even internships with those companies.


When in Europe, it is so easy to travel between countries. It is less than a two-hour drive to get from Munich, Germany to Innsbruck, Austria! Traveling with International Business Seminars makes getting from city to city a breeze. Throughout most of the trip, we are assigned a coach bus and driver that travels with us. This made it not only super simple to get to all of our business meetings, but also moving throughout Europe. Those days we could not use a bus to travel, IBS set us up with the necessary passes for using public transportation in each city. At the beginning of our stay in each country, we would have a quick orientation to the city, where we learned everything we needed to get around! Without the help of our trip leaders, traveling would have been much more difficult.

The Experience

IBS offers the best experience possible. They are there to guide you when you need it, but also give you all of the free time you could want. I was able to see and do more than I could have imagined on my trip through Europe. I wandered through the Marienplatz in Munich, I climbed the Arc de Triumph in Paris, and even went paragliding in Austria! There are so many things to do and places to see, and International Business Seminars lets you experience it all. Traveling with IBS was the best decision I could have made, and the experience I had was unbeatable.

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The best travel advice I can give is to pack light. The less luggage you have, the easier it is to travel between each city and country.

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