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The IBS blog is dedicated to sharing experiences and information on travel, business education, culture, study abroad, and more! Through the IBS Study Abroad Blog, you can find information on how to highlight your study abroad experience on your resume, top packing tips, and other information relating to planning a trip abroad or after returning home. The IBS Digital Ambassadors Blog shares experiences and advice written by our IBS Alumni. We encourage you to engage with our alumni as they are happy to share their experiences with you!

What to Do With Your Free Time

Free time recommendations Aside from the business seminars that would mostly occur in the mornings, you have a lot of free time to explore these beautiful countries. These are some recommendations of places to go eat, enjoy nightlife, and tourist attractions: Germany Our first day in Europe we all went Read More

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It’s Smarter to Travel in Groups

Why it´s smarter to travel in groups When I first thought about coming to China to experience the culture and people a few years ago, I was not sure when that would be possible for me. Last year, during my semester abroad at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington Read More

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Expanding My Business Horizons

The International Business Seminars Summer MBA Program helped expand my business horizons and open myself up for new personal and professional experiences. Pre-Departure Experience When I started the MBA program at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), I did not know anyone else in the program. As an introvert, Read More

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There is a First Time for Everything

My first time being out of the country I had never traveled outside of the United States prior to my IBS Summer Europe trip. This would be my first time! I knew I wanted to travel abroad during my college years but wanted to make sure I was going to Read More

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Dreams Really Do Come True

A Dream Come True I got to visit some amazing places through the Summer Europe Program offered by IBS! I’m going to breakdown a little more about each of the countries and my experiences. So the countries we visited were Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and finally England. The amazing Read More

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The Value of Studying Abroad

Why I valued and invested in the IBS program before attending and why I valued my experience after Since I was a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to study abroad in Europe. However, planning to do so is not the easiest thing. There are many programs to Read More

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Accomplishing My Goals in China

Before I heard about International Business Seminars I had a goal to see and visit several different countries, one country that was not on my list to visit was China. I never had much of an interest to go somewhere other than first world countries (except Mexico), because I was Read More

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Bridging Gaps for My Community

My international business experience helped me come up with potential solutions in my own business community I accomplished some of my goals and grew personally and professionally by attending the Summer MBA Seminar. Some of my goals were a bit difficult to accomplish during the IBS program; however, the personal Read More

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Insightful Company Visits

Learning from top executives and successful expatriates while abroad gave me insights into Asian business culture that I would not have been able to discern as an outsider. The realizations that dawned on me during my trip, from how blessed I am to have the rights I do as an Read More

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Choosing the Best Study Abroad Program

Making the Jump! How does someone even begin to decide if they want to take the time to make an effort to travel across the world in hopes of learning something new about cultures and themselves? For me, I always knew I wanted to explore new lands, cultures, and people. Read More

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Mistakes to Avoid When Studying Abroad in Europe

Bring a Portable Phone Charger Some of the mistakes that I made while abroad involve technology. First, it was a big mistake not bringing some sort of portable charger for my phone. Every day in Europe was a very busy day and thus involved taking a lot of pictures and Read More

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Once in A Lifetime Study Abroad Trip

A Once in A Lifetime Opportunity by Marlee King I had just returned home from my first time studying abroad when the travel bug hit me. I started searching through my school’s global engagement website to find another great opportunity. When I found International Business Seminars and began to make Read More

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