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The IBS blog is dedicated to sharing experiences and information on travel, business education, culture, study abroad, and more! Through the IBS Study Abroad Blog, you can find information on how to highlight your study abroad experience on your resume, top packing tips, and other information relating to planning a trip abroad or after returning home. The IBS Digital Ambassadors Blog shares experiences and advice written by our IBS Alumni. We encourage you to engage with our alumni as they are happy to share their experiences with you!

How To Stay Connected While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a truly exciting time regardless of your destination. The fact that you’re traveling the world and building unforgettable memories while you make important connections and hone valuable skills make the experience truly one of a kind. However, there is one issue that troubles potential participants as well Read More

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How to Talk About Study Abroad in a Job Interview

When alumni reflect on their academic careers, studying abroad is often the part that stands out from all the other memories. That’s often where they learn to adapt to their circumstances, to think on their feet, and to hone their leadership skills. When it’s time for graduates to look for Read More

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Beyond Paris and London: Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe

If you’re thinking about studying abroad in Europe, you’re in good company. Approximately 54 percent of U.S. students who study abroad choose to go to Europe, and it’s not hard to see why. Europe offers American students a wealth of diverse languages, unique cultures that go back centuries, and unforgettable Read More

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5 Tips for Making Study Abroad More Affordable

Studying abroad has the potential to impact your life in more ways than one. From enhancing your education to broadening your perspective of the world, the benefits of studying abroad are countless and everlasting and therefore well worth your time and monetary investment. However, if you’re like many college students Read More

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Adapting to the Business Culture in Switzerland

Switzerland is a mecca of successful business enterprises. The country’s economy is one of the strongest in the world with low rates of unemployment and a dedicated and skilled workforce. As you prepare to travel to this booming business center, don’t let yourself be intimidated by Swiss business culture. With Read More

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Things To Know About Doing Business in the Czech Republic

With the continued march of technological advancement, the planet gets smaller every day, and the global business community is one of the biggest benefactors. Even in the recent past, a small company could hope to conduct commerce locally in its home country, but today’s virtual world has very few borders. Read More

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Flying in Paradise

Volare in cielo o paradiso Hands down one of my favorite countries we went to while studying abroad in Europe was Italy. There are many reasons why but I would say my top three reasons are the delicious food, welcoming people and gorgeous scenery. The Food The food from the Read More

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How Does Brexit Impact Study Abroad Programs in Europe?

Students interested in study abroad programs may be concerned about the effects of Brexit. Since 1973, the United Kingdom has been a member of the European Economic Community and later the European Union. In the 2016 EU membership referendum, 51.6 percent of voters supported the withdrawal of the UK from Read More

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Packing for Three Weeks in Europe

Before traveling to Europe, the only major concern that a lot of us had was what exactly we were supposed to wear and how many articles of clothing we should bring. Typically, people probably only pack clothes that will last them a week, we were going to be living in Read More

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Common Questions about Studying Abroad in China

Studying abroad is a unique experience that allows students to build both a better understanding of their specific discipline and knowledge of global issues at the same time. While it’s surely an exciting time, it’s understandable that you might have a few questions before heading off to study abroad in Read More

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Company Visits with IBS

My experience with IBS was completely worthwhile. Not only did travel help me grow on a personal level, but it also gave me job experience and insights that will be valuable throughout my career. I just went through the recruiting process with all of the big 4 accounting firms and Read More

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8 Skills You Gain From Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is growing in popularity due to its numerous career advantages and education benefits. It also gives you a chance to see the world. It is a unique combination of learning and traveling. One of the best parts about studying abroad is the skills you gain, because you can Read More

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