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The IBS blog is dedicated to sharing experiences and information on travel, business education, culture, study abroad, and more! Through the IBS Study Abroad Blog, you can find information on how to highlight your study abroad experience on your resume, top packing tips, and other information relating to planning a trip abroad or after returning home. The IBS Digital Ambassadors Blog shares experiences and advice written by our IBS Alumni. We encourage you to engage with our alumni as they are happy to share their experiences with you!

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Life After Studying Abroad

I would have never thought that after being alone in a foreign country, and experiencing life there that my heart would have opened up to wanting to live and work internationally. If I had not gone to Europe, I would still be the same girl that was afraid to take Read More

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Why I Chose IBS…Twice

It was my first month as an accounting transfer student. I was attending a new college and living in a new apartment in a new city when I was thrown into my first recruiting season. I was being recruited for accounting internships, recruited for business fraternities, for honor societies, and Read More

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Break the Bubble & Branch Out

I want to start by saying I don’t think I’m a shy person; however, I wouldn’t call myself an extrovert either. I enjoy my alone time and being by myself. I like being an observer from the sidelines. I was comfortable in my Louisiana bubble and the biggest “leap” I Read More

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Why IBS Europe: Business Edition

As I looked for study abroad programs, of which LSU offers plenty, it was International Business Seminars that stood out the most. It had the most potential to influence my life the most, but how? I went through the application process and meetings with my head and became increasingly interested Read More

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Making The Most of Each City Abroad

Your luggage is packed (and probably overweight), you’ve said goodbye to your friends, and your passport is in hand. Now what? International Business Studies is a very unique program. I mean, in the sense that you are able to visit various cities, in a short amount of time, and get Read More

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London Calling!!!

You’re probably reading this because you have been thinking about traveling abroad, well let me just tell you, you should go ahead and do it. I was always the kind of girl who was afraid to leave the town I lived in, and never imagined myself traveling all alone, one Read More

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Language Barriers

“But I don’t speak the language,” is one thing I’ve heard frequently from students wanting to study abroad in a foreign country. However, that should NOT be a factor keeping you from going overseas. Traveling in Europe made me feel so incompetent as an American. Five of the six countries Read More

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Vietnam: Not Just a War

When planning for the Winter SE Asia seminar, I was more excited for Thailand than Vietnam. In fact, I had very few expectations for what Vietnam would be like or what to expect. So when I got to Vietnam, I was quickly swept away by the hundreds (if not thousands) Read More

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Food for Thought

My favorite part of studying abroad in Vietnam was the food! I love how fresh the seafood was. The seafood was killed that day and sometimes even right in front of you. In the picture below you can see just how fresh the fish was when it was killed. You Read More

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Insights I Gained From Studying Abroad

Greetings! If you are reading this you are most likely in one of two boats: 1) You are considering studying abroad 2) You have already committed to a study abroad program and are wondering how to prepare for this undertaking. Kudos to you on taking the first step toward studying Read More

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Interview with Summer Europe Alum, Molly

Molly is from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and is completing her senior year in marketing and finance. She has gained an appreciation for other cultures and traveling through her time with International Business Seminars. What are your goals after graduation and has your experience with IBS impacted your career goals Read More

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Interview with Summer Europe Alum, Kendall

Kendall is from Pensacola, Florida and she’s currently a student at the University of Mississippi. Kendall is an Integrated Marketing Communications major with a minor in Business and found an International Business Seminar to be exactly what she needed to take her education to the next level. Read more about her Read More

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