Walking in a Crystal Wonderland

While on our short-term study abroad trip we stopped in Innsbruck Austria to take in the sights and visit some big companies. One of these companies we visited was Swarovski crystals. This visit was very exciting because the products they create are appealing to the eye.

Swarovski Crystal FountainAfter talking about the company, we were then led into the back for the real fun where we were allowed free time to roam the “Crystal World of Swarovski” with the group or by ourselves. I and a few others decided to split from the group and go explore without structure, and it paid off big time. The first thing we stumbled upon was this giant maze that we got lost in for a short time. After that, we roamed the rest of the grounds seeing small art installations until walking up to the big one, The Swarovski Crystal Fountain.

Artwork in the Crystal World of SwarovskiYou walk into the side of the head and from there you follow down the path to view breathtaking crystal structures. These crystal structures ranged from a piece that would be the size of my hand, all the way to installations that would take up the entire room. They would use the crystals, along with lights and sound to convey different messages with each piece of art which contrasted very well with the dark ambiance of the underground art gallery. Some would be serious, others would be humorous, some would be abstract, and others would be very simple and to the point. All these pieces were able to showcase the talent of the many artists around the world who came to make their mark in the Crystal World of Swarovski.

Swarovski Crystal DragonAfter reaching the end you see a bright light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t the great unknown, it’s the gift shop! Once in the gift shop, you could browse and purchase much of what Swarovski had to offer. The range would go from hand-sized crystal mouse heads, which is what the company is known for, all the way to their high-end binoculars that are used for hunting.

Some of the other cool things they were selling included a Star Wars limited edition crystal series, Mythical creatures made of nothing but crystals, and a breathtaking yellow crystal cheetah.
All of these were just as expensive as they were beautiful and unfortunately, I was not able to purchase anything.

Once you walk out of the shop you are greeted by a beautiful valley view with a wagon shop where we could buy some food before we got back on the bus because our time was up. The Swarovski Crystal World is a breathtaking exhibit that brings the person to another world of beauty in the form of light and intricacy through the crystals. It is a once in a lifetime experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes art!

Clayton Kavanaugh

School: Louisiana State University

I learned how to take a leap of faith when it came to new experiences and food, you never know if you don’t like something until you try it!

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