6 Reasons To Study Abroad in Thailand

study abroad in thailand

Thailand is a land of friendly people and a vibrant culture, which make it the ideal travel destination. More than that, it’s a place for students to learn about culture and business. Studying abroad in Thailand has many benefits including the six below.

Student-friendly Cost of Living

Most students consider both the cost of the program and the cost of general expenses in the countries they are traveling to. Thankfully, Thailand has a low cost of living that enables students to enjoy meals for between $1-4 USD. With prices like these, it’s easy to see the kind of budget a student should plan for. And of course, there are also scholarship opportunities available.

Develop Language Skills

In today’s business world, companies look to hire individuals with foreign language skills. More often than ever before, businesses search through applicants to find people who can thrive in a global marketplace. That includes language skills.

Benefits of foreign language skills in the workplace include being able to converse with partners or customers, as well as cultural sensitivity. Studying abroad allows individuals to practice a second language in the home country, whether it is with the local restaurant or trinket shop, and develop highly sought-after language skills for a career after graduation.

Resume-Building Experiences

Studying abroad enables individuals to have a unique advantage when it comes to applying for jobs after graduation. The skills that come from this experience boost your resume and place it at the top of the pile.

It may be difficult to see the skills studying in a foreign country can offer, but it’s important to take time to carefully consider your experience. Detailing language skills, cross-cultural communication and even money management can demonstrate to potential employers the skills gained during study abroad. No matter how short or long the study abroad was, there are a range of invaluable skills at your fingertips that employers want to know about.

Embrace Another Culture

Thailand is a country with a rich culture and a long history. Studying abroad in Thailand allows individuals to become immersed in a culture so different than the one they are used to. This could come in a variety of forms such as participating in holiday celebrations or cultural festivals.

While studying in Thailand, students can learn about Buddhism and the relationship between religion and culture. It’s also possible to visit an ethical elephant sanctuary for a chance to meet these majestic animals up close. The options are virtually limitless as long as you put yourself out there and embrace the opportunity before you.

Expand Your Worldview

There’s no doubt that studying abroad can increase your view of the world and expand how you think about people and situations. Studying in Thailand offers the experience of learning about another culture and way of life, which can lead to individuals broadening their worldview in a way that not everyone has a chance to understand.

Businesses value this worldview in a global marketplace and seek to hire people who have this ability to understand and appreciate diverse cultures.

Build Lasting Relationships

Lastly, studying abroad is a chance for individuals to forge bonds with others. This could be with the local shopkeeper or with fellow travelers. It is an opportunity to explore another country with other students and embrace a completely different way of life. Immersing yourself into another country and culture can be difficult, but the students around you can make it easier. The opportunities are endless and the friendships last for a lifetime.

Studying abroad is about cultural immersion and appreciation. International Business Seminars has opportunities for students to experience studying abroad in Thailand and various locations around the world. Individuals can travel the world, develop language skills instrumental in the workplace and embrace other cultures. Thailand, the Land of Smiles, is waiting to be explored by students who value an international education.

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