10 Reasons Studying Abroad is Absolutely Worth It

Reasons Studying Abroad is Absolutely Worth it

If you are a college student, chances are you have seen or even looked into study abroad programs. For most people, this raises a simple question: is study abroad worth it? There are many great reasons to travel while in college. There are also options to make paying for studying abroad easier. Here are the top 10 reasons studying abroad is absolutely worth it.

You’ll Gain New Friendships

College is a time of forming new friendships. Studying abroad is no exception. Better yet, you’ll meet people from different places and gain new friends. Whether they are people you meet at the destination or other program participants, it is a chance to develop relationships you would never be able to otherwise.

You Will Pick Up New Interests

It is easy to get used to the monotony of our everyday lives. Traveling is a great way to pick up new interests. Whether you discover a new culinary interest, enjoy a different form of entertainment or simply find that you enjoy another culture, you will find new and fun things to do. Perhaps even better, you’ll pick up a lot of great stories to amaze your friends with.

It Will Deepen Your Learning

Ultimately, the main purpose of college is to learn. One of the key advantages of studying abroad is that it helps you get more from your studies. A new learning environment will help you approach your field of study from a different perspective. Additionally, you will get a chance to see how your area of study is applied in the location you are visiting.

Through International Business Seminars, you meet executives at global companies and learn directly from their experiences. This can deepen your understanding of how business is practiced abroad much more than a traditional classroom setting.

You Will Improve Your Graduate School Applications

If you are planning to pursue an advanced degree, studying abroad is an excellent choice. Admissions officials like to see students that have a wide range of experiences. Additionally, since the experience can help you better understand your field of study, studying abroad is a bonus from a purely academic perspective as well.

You Will Practice Foreign Languages

Learning a new language isn’t easy. Whether you have been studying one in college, learned one during your primary schooling or just want to try learning for your trip, immersing yourself in a foreign language is perhaps the best way to learn. Being bilingual is fun, rewarding and great for school and job applications.

It Will Enhance Your Resume

Similarly, international educational experiences are valuable on your resume. If you are applying to organizations that operate globally, studying abroad is a major bonus for your application. You may even have experience in one of the countries the company does business in. Even if it isn’t an international organization, being able to adapt and thrive in a foreign environment is a valuable skill.

If you are like most students, you are in college primarily to help you in your future professional life. Enhancing your resume is one of the main benefits of studying abroad.

You Can Explore New Cultures

Travel exposes you to new cultures. This includes different interests, perspectives and outlooks in life. For many cultures, food is an especially important aspect of life. So, you will get to try many new things and simply see life from a different lens. No matter your personal preferences, learning about a new culture can be a transformative experience.

You’ll Gain a Different Perspective on Life

Different people around the world approach life from different perspectives. One of the most impactful aspects of travel for many people is seeing these differences. You will likely see your home’s culture in a different light. Additionally, you may find that your priorities change a little from your experience.

You Will Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Many college students have spent much of their lives in the same area and with the same people. Studying abroad is a great chance to challenge your own boundaries and step outside of your comfort zone. Pushing yourself to try new things is a great way to get more from life.

You Will Learn About Yourself

Self-exploration is a big part of both travel and education. Studying abroad brings these two experiences together. As you immerse yourself in a different culture, you may find that your thoughts and feeling on many things change. Studying abroad is a chance to learn about yourself.

Learn More

If you are interested in exploring a study abroad program that includes all these benefits, International Business Seminars’ study abroad programs might be the perfect program for you.

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