Personal Benefits of Studying Abroad

personal benefits of studying abroad

There are countless personal benefits of studying abroad, including but not limited to the opportunity to expand one’s cultural understanding, the chance to hone one’s foreign language skills and the chance to see the world. International Business Seminars believes that a worldly education is vital to one’s success in the business world, but its approach to studying abroad is slightly different than that of a typical university’s.

International Business Seminars hosts short yet comprehensive study abroad programs that afford individuals the opportunity to visit some of the world’s best economies in just a few weeks. These types of programs come with immeasurable benefits, both academically and personally.

Shorter Term

For many individuals, the thought of traveling the world is exciting, but the notion of being away from home and one’s friends, family, and responsibilities for several months (or longer) is a bit frightening. For many, it’s not even practical. International Business Seminars’ short-term seminars are ideal for individuals who want to travel and gain an education at the same time. When people sign on for these programs, they view it as a sort of extended vacation, and one that is worth every last penny. If you want to see the world without leaving your own behind for an extended period of time, International Business Seminars’ study abroad programs are ideal for you.

Visit More Locations

When individuals study abroad with a university, they’re more or less stuck in one locale for the duration of the semester. If a student has the funds, he or she may be able to purchase a train ticket and travel from one country to the next, but then again, there are time constraints to think about. School is in session for most of the semester, and it wouldn’t make sense to pay for tuition and then not show up to class because you’re busy traversing the country.

International Business Seminars’ programs are designed to allow individuals to see more of a continent and receive an education at the same time. When you sign on with one of our programs, you sign on to visit as many as two to six countries in less than a month. Depending on which program you choose, you will get an opportunity to visit Paris, France; London, United Kingdom; Heidelberg, Germany; The Hague, The Netherlands; Innsbruck, Austria; and Lausanne, Switzerland. You may also get the chance to explore Bangkok, Thailand; Shanghai, China; and Vietnam. Each locale was selected for its strong economy, exceptional business sense and rich culture.

A Mix of Educational Excursions and Free Time

International Business Seminars believes that an education takes place both in and out of a classroom. While it is vital that students get the opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals and study under the tutelage of a knowledgeable professor, it is also important that business students get the opportunity to explore the offerings and culture of each country. By allowing students to visit the sites, peruse museums and interact with locals, International Business Seminars can foster inquisitive minds and encourage personal growth.

Personal Development

One of the main reasons that universities encourage students to study abroad is because of the personal development that students experience while away. Being in a foreign country forces individuals to exercise their independence and act on their curiosities. If you want to discover yourself and explore new cultures at the same time, there is no better way to do so than to place yourself in a foreign environment for an extended period of time. Though you might feel overwhelmed at times, being in a foreign place tests your abilities to adapt to diverse situations and use your problem-solving skills to react to new circumstances.

Career Opportunities

Employers today value those with worldly experiences and education, two things that our programs provide tenfold. International Business Seminars has connections with leading global companies such as AT&T, Coca-Cola, BMW and more. Students who join one of our programs get the chance to meet with CEOs and other business executives, as well as the very rare opportunity to stay in the same hotels and frequent the same restaurants as company big-wigs. How many of your classmates can say they met with and discussed the state of the global economy with the marketing director of BMW?

There are innumerable personal benefits of studying abroad, but students who study with our site that the shorter term, opportunity to visit more places, ability to explore, personal development and career opportunities are the top five. If you’re ready to grow and thrive as an individual, student and professional, look into one of our many study abroad programs.

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