Life after Studying Abroad with International Business Seminars

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Going to Europe with International Business Seminars this past summer gave me the opportunity to meet and make memories with different people in the LSU business college and other colleges that I had not known about before. Some students I recognized from classes but had never had the chance to speak with before. I was given the opportunity to meet people in all the different majors within the business college and outside. I even met someone who has the same major as me and we now have a few classes together.

Maintaining Friendships

My friend, Brooke, is also studying Human Resources. During the trip, we discovered that we have a friend in common and now the three of us have classes together. Since being in the same classes, we get to study together, reminisce on the trip, and get to know each other even more. I love that our friendship began on the trip and can continue with us back home in Baton Rouge! Since we are both graduating this year, we have been able to share our hopes for the future in our careers, our different interests, and even our yearning to go back to Europe!
Since being back in Baton Rouge, I now see the other students who went on the trip much more than I would have expected. These are not people that just smile when you walk by, these are people that stop and catch up on life since after the trip! Even about a week ago I ran into a friend who went on the trip and got to study with her and catch up. It was sweet to be able to run into someone who I had such a unique experience with.

There is only a select group of people that remember my experiences and inside jokes and it is always refreshing meeting up with them. The experience created friendships and connections that I could not have made by just sitting in classes. Many students may be intimidated by the size of LSU but going on an international business seminar has given me a new perspective on LSU and it now seems even smaller to me because at least once I week I see a friend I’ve made, and I thank IBS for that!

Becoming an Alumni Ambassador

I have also had the opportunity to be an alumni ambassador through the program as well. This has helped me to keep up with the friendships I have made, practice my presentation skills, learn how to recruit, and market the great experience I had. I have even had some friends sign up to go in the future which makes me excited as well!

Besides the students, I have enjoyed working with and maintaining relationships with the leaders as well. The leaders on the trip enjoy what they do, love teaching the students, and lead the team very well. Their energy, excitement, and appreciation are contagious, and I am so thankful for all those I have met through International Business Seminars during the trip and after.

Elise Ripley

School: Louisiana State University

I enjoy reading, practicing yoga, finding new coffee shops, and spending time with good friends and Verona felt like a place where I could do that!

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