A Complimentary Adventure to Redoro

students visit Redoro in Italy

Yes, International Business Seminars is studying abroad. No, you don’t have to visit a classroom, and although the business visits are required they feel less like a chore and more like a complimentary adventure. Today I am going to tell you about my favorite business visit, Redoro Olive Oil. Redoro, a family-owned olive oil business in Verona, welcomed us with open arms.

Visiting Redoro Olive Oil

tasting espresso in ItalyWhen you think big Italian family, this is exactly what comes to mind. The Redoro family brought us into their business, personally made us all espresso to get the day started before the tour, and brought us out water, and refreshments. Claudio and Daniela, two of the members of the Redoro Family, conducted our tour around the space. During the tour, we went through all the stages of creating olive oil, from the planting, to the flowering, to the methodology of getting the oil from the olives, all the way to the processing and bottling of the oil. They taught us that every region has a kind of olive, similar to wine.

Something cool that Claudio and Daniela taught was that there is no “good” color for olive oil, which was a surprise to me. All that matters are the taste and the smell and the balance between those two factors. Also, one can never make the same olive oil because of weather and how that affects the olives. To get more consistent flavors, olive oil is mixed from different years to create a balance. Even in a world of emerging technology, it’s so cool and refreshing that the Redoro family stays true to their family’s traditions and roots.

How to Taste Olive Oil

After a tour of the facility, we got a lesson on how to properly taste olive oil. First, you take the cup of olive oil in your hands and hold it tight to warm it. This releases the smell of the olive oil. Once warm, you make a little hole in your hand to smell the oil. After, you taste the oil and follow it by making an ‘s’ sound while sucking air into your mouth. This allows the oil to roll down your throat to properly taste it. For me, it burned. Which come to learn is actually the sign that the olive oil is high quality. Strange, right?

wine and cheese plateThis tasting session was followed by sampling some different types of the oils they produce, and other products they make such as spreads and pastes on slices of Italian bread. After that, we were given time to purchase products we liked. Even after all of this our bellies still had room for a traditional Italian lunch. We were taken to a Redoro family restaurant and up-and-coming bed & breakfast. There, we were treated to a delicious traditional Italian lunch of risotto, chicken, wine, and more.

After lunch, Daniela and Claudio graciously invited us into their family’s wine cellar to try some Amarone wine and a fine selection of their favorite cheese. Honestly, best wine and cheese I’ve ever had and that’s like all I eat. Daniela and Claudio were so personal and welcoming they made us feel a part of their team and family. They constantly called us their “American Ambassadors” and told us we were allowed to come back whenever we wished.

Peyton Gutierrez

School: Louisiana State University

From my experience abroad I learned a lot about other cultures but also learned a lot about myself. Something I tried to do in every country I visited was to immerse myself in their culture, try to live their lives.

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