Why IBS Tours is a Great Short-Term Study Abroad Program

Jumping for joy in Innsbruck

Going abroad can be one of the scariest adventures you will ever take. Being in a foreign place that doesn’t speak your native tongue and doesn’t follow similar cultural norms can cause discomfort on a multitude of levels. While being abroad is scary, it’s also one of the most exciting and eye-opening ventures you can come across.

As I’ve experienced first-hand, there’s a difference between long-term and short-term study abroad programs in the ways in which you react to being away from normal life and they are night and day. Short-term gives you a very basic 101 on what the culture has to offer, whereas a long-term option is a full semester plus filled with a multitude of course levels.

That short study abroad option can be filled by the International Business Seminars (IBS), with their amazing company visit options and the freedom of being able to explore the various countries that you’ll be in depending on the program that you go with. Being able to go abroad without having to stress over your agenda for the trip is one of the great parts of working with IBS. IBS and its team give you the full executive business trip experience. Acting as your mediator before each company visit with executives and managers of their respective companies, IBS makes it possible for you to take in every bit of detailed info and then give you the opportunity to explore the areas around you.

A short trip abroad with IBS gives you the ability to leave your home for a shortened period making it easier to transition from normal life to studying abroad and then back to normalcy. There’s a lessened worry on getting an extended amount of time off from work or wondering who can take care of your home and pets. So, for those who are looking for a program that can give you a vast amount of experience and knowledge, IBS is one of the best study abroad programs out there!

Josh Oltman

School: University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

If you do ever have the chance to go abroad, try anything and everything. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best part of being abroad!

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