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9 Best Tips for Conducting Business in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its breath-taking beaches, extravagant architecture and sumptuous cuisine. It’s also emerging as an economic powerhouse that’s ripe with opportunities. Since the United States trade embargo was lifted in 1994, U.S. companies have tapped into Vietnam’s 93 million-plus consumer market. The first step for business majors planning Read More

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How Much Spending Money Do You Really Need to Study Abroad?

Budgeting your money while traveling abroad takes effort, but it’s totally worth it. Understanding how to manage your finances does wonders for how much fun you have and how comfortable you feel when studying abroad. How much study abroad spending money will you need? Read on to find out. Things Read More

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9 Ways To Plan Your Free Time When Studying Abroad

While it’s true that the main purpose of your study abroad experience is to give you a valuable global perspective on business, that doesn’t mean your trip needs to be all work and no play. After all, even international executives often take advantage of downtime during business trips to check Read More

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If I Study Abroad, Will My Credits Transfer?

First of all, it’s important to know that you’re not the only student to ask this question. Because studying abroad is such a great career opportunity, educational institutions often encourage it with college credit travel programs. In other words, your university won’t be all that surprised if you express a Read More

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7 Ways To Get Financial Aid for Studying Abroad

If you’re struggling to figure out how to fund your study abroad trip, don’t give up. Many students feel overwhelmed at first but quickly discover that there are way more options than they had imagined. Here are seven potential sources of financial aid to study abroad. 1. Study Abroad Scholarships Read More

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Benefits of Knowing a Second Language in the Workplace

No matter your specific industry or position in the workplace, it can be a great benefit if you’re an employee speaks a second language. This is especially true given how many barriers have been demolished thanks to the spread of technology, making it easier than ever for businesses across the Read More

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Why Every Study Abroad Student Should Keep a Travel Journal

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding learning in a foreign country, and there are several tasks that you need to complete before, during and after your journey. With so much to take care of and experience, you may forget to carve out some time to document your time overseas. For Read More

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How To Make Friends While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is as exciting as it is beneficial to your education or career. With so many options for studying abroad available, you may end up traveling the globe without your close friends. That situation can seem daunting and cause you to hesitate to go, but you don’t need to Read More

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8 Major Differences Between U.S. and Italian Business Culture

Italy has a somewhat unique economy split between high-profile international companies like Ferrari and smaller family businesses that center on natural products like fine wine and olive oil. This means that not all Italian company interactions take place in a boardroom. How can you prepare to make an awesome first Read More

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Men’s and Women’s Fashion Guide to Business Attire in France

The benefits of studying abroad in France go way beyond opportunities for tourism. France is an economic powerhouse in Europe. Making business connections when you land in Paris is definitely to your advantage. Ready to take the leap? There’s just one little thing you forgot about: what to wear for Read More

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What Is Business Culture & Social Etiquette Like in Thailand?

Studying abroad in Thailand teaches you to look at exotic cultures with a different perspective. Thailand business culture, Thai food, and local entertainment are all totally different from what you’re probably used to. But with a few helpful tips, you’ve got nothing to worry about when visiting Thailand. What To Read More

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Useful Apps to Download Before Studying Abroad

The modern-day smartphone has often been described by the older generation as a tiny computer that fits in one’s pocket. This is probably because those who grew up without smartphones or easy access to computers understand just what a powerful tool a smartphone could be. Gone are the days when Read More

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