Recipe: Agua fresca

Agua fresca is a Mexican fresh fruit beverage that is typically made with water, fruit, and sugar. It is a popular drink in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Agua fresca is often served chilled and is a refreshing drink on hot days. 

The history of agua fresca dates to the pre-Columbian era. The Aztecs and other indigenous peoples of Mexico made a variety of fruit drinks, including tepache, which is made with pineapple rinds and piloncillo (unrefined sugar). 

Agua fresca was introduced to the Spanish during the colonial period. The Spanish brought their own fruit drinks to Mexico, such as horchata, which is made with rice and cinnamon. Agua fresca and horchata became popular drinks in Mexico and are still enjoyed today. 

There are many different types of agua fresca. Some popular types include: 

  • Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus) 
  • Agua de horchata (rice) 
  • Agua de limón (lime) 
  • Agua de naranja (orange) 
  • Agua de piña (pineapple) 
  • Agua de melón (melon) 

Agua fresca is a delicious and refreshing drink that is perfect for hot days. It is also a healthy drink, as it is made with fresh fruit and water. Agua fresca is a popular drink in Mexico and other Latin American countries, and it is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. 

Here is a short recipe for agua fresca: 


  • 1 cup of fresh fruit (from above list), chopped 
  • 2 cups of water 
  • 1/2 cup of sugar 
  • Ice 


  1. Blend in blender the fruit, water, and sugar together until smooth. 
  2. Pour the mixture into a pitcher and add ice. 
  3. Serve chilled.
  4. Enjoy! 
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