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Things To Know About Doing Business in the Czech Republic

With the continued march of technological advancement, the planet gets smaller every day, and the global business community is one of the biggest benefactors. Even in the recent past, a small company could hope to conduct commerce locally in its home country, but today’s virtual world has very few borders. Read More

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8 Skills You Gain From Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is growing in popularity due to its numerous career advantages and education benefits. It also gives you a chance to see the world. It is a unique combination of learning and traveling. One of the best parts about studying abroad is the skills you gain, because you can Read More

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10 Reasons Studying Abroad is Absolutely Worth It

If you are a college student, chances are you have seen or even looked into study abroad programs. For most people, this raises a simple question: is study abroad worth it? There are many great reasons to travel while in college. There are also options to make paying for studying Read More

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Why It’s Important for Students To Travel in College

Travel can be a rewarding experience no matter who you are. Many students who decide to enroll in a study abroad program report that it was one of the most meaningful experiences of their academic careers. Why should students travel? There are so many benefits to be gained. Explore the Read More

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6 Reasons To Study Abroad in Thailand

Thailand is a land of friendly people and a vibrant culture, which make it the ideal travel destination. More than that, it’s a place for students to learn about culture and business. Studying abroad in Thailand has many benefits including the six below. Student-friendly Cost of Living Most students consider Read More

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Business Culture and Etiquette in Austria

With the increased emergence of the global economy, international cooperation is becoming a bigger part of the corporate world. Like professionals in any other nation, executives in Austrian companies have their own way of doing things, and you need to understand that if you hope to build rapport. Here’s a Read More

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Necessity Versus Luxury: Bilingualism in Europe Vs the US

There is the perception that the United States is a monolinguistic nation, that Americans have neither the desire nor the opportunity to learn or speak a language other than English. Studies attempting to quantify bilingualism in Europe vs the US seem to bear out this perception, with one such study Read More

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What Are the Requirements for Studying Abroad?

It is a big decision to choose to participate in an academic study abroad program, but the process of applying involves more than just deciding to go. You are committing to living in another country for what is likely to be a few weeks or longer. You may be traveling Read More

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Common Questions About IBS Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad is a unique way to learn new perspectives and gain insight into your academic or professional career. At IBS, discover a world of opportunity and learn how business is conducted around the globe. Most Common Questions from Applicants How Much Does It Cost? Seminars vary in cost, depending Read More

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6 Statistics Every US Study Abroad Student Should Know

Even as more US students are choosing to study overseas every year, misconceptions persist about the programs, participants, and value of study abroad. While the benefits of studying abroad can sometimes be immeasurable, others can be calculated via mathematical means. The following US study abroad statistics demonstrate that studying overseas Read More

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Find the Spirit of Christmas in Europe

The spirit of Christmas comes alive with the sound of vendors shaking roasted chestnuts over an open fire, the scent of sausages in the air and the sight of people wandering by brightly colored stalls while holding mugs of mulled wine between gloved hands. Christmas markets in Europe date back Read More

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6 Things to Know About Thailand Culture While Doing Business in Bangkok

A study abroad experience can be something you can benefit from for the rest of your life. With so many opportunities out there, it isn’t too hard to travel across the world and make a difference. Doing business in Bangkok, Thailand may be an option for you, and it can Read More

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