Keeping Current: Using the News to Prepare for Your Short-Term Study Abroad Program 

Embarking on a short-term study abroad program is an exhilarating experience that offers you the opportunity to explore new cultures, enhance your education, and gain a broader perspective of the world. To make the most of your journey, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of keeping current with the news before your short-term study abroad program and offer practical tips on how to do so effectively. 

Cultural Awareness 

Understanding the current events and cultural context of your study abroad destination is crucial for a meaningful and respectful experience. Being aware of local customs, traditions, and current issues can help you navigate conversations, avoid misunderstandings, and show respect for your host country. 

To stay informed about cultural aspects and current events, consider the following: 

  • Subscribe to local news sources, blogs, or social media pages related to your destination. 
  • Engage with locals or expats online through forums or social media groups to gain insights and ask questions. 
  • Read travel blogs or memoirs written by individuals who have previously visited or studied in your destination. See our blog here that showcases other students’ experiences:  


Safety and Security 

Your safety abroad is of paramount importance. Staying updated on news related to the safety and security of your destination can help you make informed decisions and take precautions as necessary. 

Here’s how to stay safe while abroad: 

  • Register with your embassy or consulate before departure. 
  • Install safety and emergency apps on your phone, such as local emergency numbers and travel advisory apps. 
  • Monitor reliable news sources for updates on safety concerns, local regulations, and potential risks. 

 Social and Political Climate 

Understanding the social and political climate of your destination is vital for your safety, as well as for meaningful cultural interactions. Keep in mind that political situations can change rapidly, so it’s essential to stay informed. 

Ways to stay updated on the social and political climate: 

  • Follow international news outlets that cover your study abroad location. 
  • Research the history and recent developments in your destination’s politics. 
  • Engage in respectful conversations with locals to gain diverse perspectives. 

 Staying current with the news before your short-term study abroad program is not only practical but also enriching. It ensures that you make the most of your time abroad by fostering cultural awareness, promoting safety, and enhancing your overall experience. Prepare ahead of time, stay informed, and be open to the world’s diversity, and you’ll find your study abroad program to be a transformative journey filled with valuable insights and unforgettable memories.  


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