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These blog posts have been written by our students. Enjoy learning about the Executive Experience Abroad through our students’ eyes!

What I Wish I Knew Before I Left and What I’m Doing Differently This Time

Signing up for the Summer China seminar happened practically on a whim for me. In the midst of a crazy semester, I managed to apply, sign up, arrange everything with my school, and find the funding to pay for everything. But because I was (or at least felt like I Read More

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What to Pack on your IBS Seminar

With your seminar just around the corner, you are probably starting to think about what to bring with you. It’s hard to picture every necessary item you will need for your travels abroad, but making a checklist of necessities will surely ease your mind as you prepare to set flight Read More

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Studying Abroad

First things first, the number one DO of studying abroad is committing to go! I am extremely passionate about getting as many people as possible to experience the opportunity of studying abroad because it was hands down the best decision I have ever made. I think it’s important to share Read More

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Give Every City a Chance!

When I first looked at the Summer Europe study abroad itinerary, I saw the cities of Paris, Innsbruck, Dijon, Geneva, Venice, and Verona— all these fantastic places that I had read about and saw travel shows on. How exciting! Then I saw London and wondered what was I really going Read More

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Lasting Rewards

It has now been nearly half of a year since I have returned from my first study abroad program. In those six months, much has happened, and many things have changed. It’s understood that it is simply how the world works. No matter what, it’s just going to keep on Read More

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How To: Survive The Last Month Before Your Trip

With only one more month before the Winter Europe Trips leave, I know exactly how you’re feeling. You want to get excited but finals are around the corner and it feels like December is going to drag on. Never fear, there is still so much you can do before you Read More

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Abroad on a Budget

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about one of the most stressful things about studying abroad: money. I am very thankful to have parents that have always encouraged me to study abroad and were willing to cover the majority of the cost for the trip, but all of my Read More

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Journaling During Your Trip (You’ll Thank Yourself!)

Many students I traveled with on my business seminar planned to journal during their trip, but not many followed through with it past the first couple of days. Here are a few recommendations I have for seminar journaling, and the ways it has helped me since my return. Tips for Read More

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What to Expect from Your Company Visits with IBS

I remember being nervous about my first company visit with Neokami in Germany with IBS. I did not know what to expect because I had never met the CEO of a company before. It can be intimidating, but if you do research and prepare for each visit, you will feel Read More

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FAQ’s with IBS Alumnae, Kendall

As my time as an alumni ambassador for the fall semester ends, I thought I would compile a list of the questions I am asked most often about IBS. 1. Where did you go on your trip? As much as I love telling people about IBS, I almost hate this Read More

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Why IBS Summer Europe Was Right for Me

Location, Location, Location There is nothing more important about an abroad trip than the location(s). IBS Summer Europe offered six countries and multiple cities. PERFECT! The cities varied from villages to metropolises: lots to see, do, and eat. The methods of transportation were great as well—fly into Europe and take Read More

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Remove Yourself From the Comfort Zone

Prior to my experience abroad with International Business Seminars, I had traveled outside of the country on one occasion. Alongside my family, we took a week-long cruise to Mexico. Our itinerary brought us to three different ports, each with an afternoon of leisure and exploration. While that trip was undoubtedly Read More

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