A Day in the Life of an IBS Student

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IBS provides a unique and unparalleled opportunity that is new and exhilarating on a day-to-day basis to each individual that partakes in the study abroad experience. This particular aspect that IBS provides is part of what made my study abroad journey such a wonderful time.

Today’s modern society has unfortunately seen an increase in complacency and people being content with the same routine day in, and day out. I believe that we are geared as individuals to strive to make the most out of every day. Some days it is easier than others, but when we become complacent with where we are, we forfeit the very thing that motivates us to excel through the journey of life. IBS grants a golden opportunity to break from the mold, be different, and maybe even discover a world that you had no idea existed.

Put Yourself in an IBS Student’s Shoes

Imagine yourself in Europe waking up in a top class hotel room with a view of the breathtaking landscape that surrounds the area. You head downstairs for breakfast and the choices are endless. Which route should you take, the egg and cheese-filled omelet, the savory sausage, or the buttery biscuits? Some of you might be thinking well I would choose all of them and others of you might take a more conservative approach.

Well, the beautiful thing about breakfast during the IBS study abroad experience is that there are countless ways to start your day. After making your first decision of the day, (I usually choose as many things as I could fit on my plate), you sit at a table with your fellow study abroad companions. Breakfast time was always full of hilarious recaps of the day before, mind-blowing stories, and talk of what was on the agenda for the day that was in store.

Daylight Hours

Unless it was a free day, usually an intriguing visit to one of the world’s top business organizations is what followed. These visits provided so much knowledge and an inside look at each companies internal operations most people don’t get to see. Each business presentation was followed with an opportunity for students to ask any questions they may have. It was very interesting to see the various types of questions that were asked by each student and how engaged everyone seemed to be. Typically after the visit, you’re able to do whatever your heart desires. Venturing out into the world free to do whatever you want with your fellow study abroad companions is a feeling that is so incredible words cannot describe.

During your study abroad seminar you will become very close friends with people you never would have even expected. This close friendship and the bonds formed come from the mutual sharing of such an incredible experience. I always enjoyed the lunches and dinners that we had. Typically while the girls shopped, us guys set forth on a more adventurous path such as riding a gondola to the top of a mountain, bike rides through the streets of Europe, and even some stops at a local pub.


After the day’s festivities had taken place we typically returned to the hotel. This was the perfect time to hit the sauna, take a nap, and freshen up before dinner. As I mentioned earlier, the dining experiences while in Europe were something I truly enjoyed and created some of my fondest memories. I typically would consult the concierge or locals on the best places to eat and arranged dinner plans. After some searching and local advice, I would let the squad know when to meet in the lobby and what the plans for dinner were.

Each dinner was unique and special, in its own particular way. Dinner was usually followed by an adventure into the local nightlife and bar scene. One night that stands out was our Hofgarten experience in Innsbruck. Hofgarten was by far the coolest bar I have ever been to and offered an outdoor and indoor area to socialize. Surrounded by the Austrian atmosphere, my fellow study abroad companions, and most importantly good vibes it was impossible to not have a great time.

Looking back on my study abroad experience, I have come to the realization that every moment throughout my trip was special. Each day was full of new and exciting journeys that led to some of the closest friendships I have to date. A day in the life of an IBS student is something that cannot be adequately described with words but must be experienced to fully understand.

If you have an opportunity to become an IBS student without a doubt make the choice to do so. I promise you it will be a decision you will not regret and will allow you to discover the world in a way that you never even imagined. You can hold me to it!

Josh Orsulak

Alumni Ambassador

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