Why I Chose IBS

american students studying abroad in europe

I decided to study abroad with International Business Seminars when I was browsing the Ole Miss study abroad website and found an interesting-looking program pertinent to my major. I love IBS because not only is it a great way to see unique countries but it is also a great way to gain first-hand business experience!

What Makes IBS Different

I loved the idea of visiting companies and learning from their executives rather than sitting in a classroom setting. It is a great way to learn and see for yourself how a successful international company is run. I recognized that studying abroad with IBS provides the opportunity to take your experience gained from IBS and use it as a way to market yourself to potential employers and build connections.

The program is incredibly well run and is very reputable. IBS has fantastic relationships with all of the companies we visited and allows all of the students in attendance a great platform to build relationships with companies of interest.

I embarked for the trip without knowing anybody else going. I was nervous but also excited to meet new people and see amazing places. I am so happy I chose to go alone because it made me open up and meet new people with the common goal of traveling and learning more about business!

I definitely recommend this program to anybody that is looking to not only study abroad but also gain firsthand experience, build connections and make friendships that will last a lifetime!

Kendall Finger

Alumni Ambassador

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