Top 5 Things To Do In London!

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1. Champagne in the London Eye.

group enjoying champagne in the london eyeChampagne in the London Eye is a must when traveling in London. When you buy this ticket you receive many perks too. Some being; Fact Tracked entry, a personal host, VIP check-in and the Eye Lounge pre-boarding. Both times I have been to London, I have done the Champagne Experience. You can spend time with family and friends, seeing the most popular attractions in London. My favorite thing to look at while on the Eye is Big Ben and Parliament. The ticket costs £37.80 online and £42.00 the day of.


2. Tower of London

visiting the tower of londonHome of the Crown Jewels! The Tower of London was a crazy experience. Our tour guide was very informative and got us inside just in time to see the changing of the guards. My favorite part had to be the Crown Jewels home to about 23,500 jewels. Walking into the vault of these amazing pieces was jaw-dropping. The walls surrounding the jewels are about a foot and a half thick to keep out thieves. This castle has some bloody history. As you walk through the grounds look around you. Look for the nine black ravens that live in the Wakefield Tower. If they leave the Kingdom will “fall”.

3. Westminster Abbey

Westminster abbeyAs you walk into this Gothic Church imagine yourself as a royal on their wedding day. Westminster Abbey is known for hosting the English and British coronations as well as many royal weddings. The intricate details in this building truly show how much architecture meant to the English. Fun Fact: This was located in one of the oldest areas of the Abbey, dating back almost to the foundation of the Norman church by Edward the Confessor in 1065. I recommend getting there early! The line gets long quickly but moves fast.

4. Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

changing of the guard in LondonThe changing of the guards is a free must-see attraction. This event takes about an hour and is very crowded but well worth it. When I first went to London this was one of my favorite activities because you finally got to see things you had grown up watching jump into action. These men are nobody to mess with. Trust me. No matter what you try they won’t move. You’ll just create a laugh for those around you. Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace is a “ceremony where the Queen’s Guard hands over responsibility for protecting Buckingham Palace and St. James Palace to the New Guard.”

5. The Ivy

dessert at the ivy in LondonDid you really think I was about to leave my favorite restaurant out? My first night in London while studying abroad I had dinner at The Ivy. The food was absolutely amazing. But I have to say the dessert was even better. They had a special running during the time I was there because the Royal Wedding was happening. This dessert was vanilla ice cream, vanilla ganache with a red velvet coating, drenched in strawberry sauce. Don’t sell yourself short here… You’ll regret it.

Samantha Stearns
Samantha Stearns

School: University of Mississippi

Take the leap of faith and do something out of your comfort zone. I went on this trip not knowing anybody. I not only grew as a person but gained many friends along the way.

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